Saturday, August 7, 2010

Frankly, That's Un-American...

--J Bone (@jwbender) ran into a guy who took some of the most amazing Tour pics I've seen this year.

--Apparently Lance Armstrong's attorney has called the investigation "un-American." Really? Un-American? Looks like the Texan's attorney is also from Texas. The made-up term "un-American" was previously reserved for pro-war jingoist rhetorics but the fact that it's being used by Lance's defense speaks volumes. As Samuel Johnson one said: "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel."

--The Tour of Colorado (Quizno's Pro Challenge) has been officially announced. I'm psyched and ready to book tickets for next year but Boulder Report suggests caution. Looks like the details of the race are quite nebulous including, most importantly, where the funding will come from.

--Astana says it's interested in the Schleck brothers. Last time I checked they had a Luxembourgian team starting. Maybe that's not the case?

Speaking of the Schlecks, this reminds me of something I was talking to a friend about yesterday. This year Andy Schleck lost what was the best chance he may ever have at winning the Tour, at least while Contador is around. He had the best team, as far as GC workhorses (Jens & Co), and Contador was as weak as he's been in any of his Grand Tour victories (he was on antibiotics going into the Tour). Now, the Schlecks are going to a brand new team that has yet to be materialized leaving Contador with even better chances of continued Tour success.

That being said, we have no clue what happened behind the scenes. With transfer season I always feel like we only get half the picture. All that was known was that up until the Tour, around the time riders are signing for the following year, Saxo Bank had no sponsors for the next year.

Who knows how much the Schlecks did or didn't fudge the whole thing. It could end up like a Team Sky; despite a weak Tour performance it's been a fantastic success for the riders financially as well as in terms of Team Sky's incredible support for the team.

--Contador clarifies the comments about a Grand Tour Grand Slam. I think he could do it. Give him a year on Saxo Bank to get settled and I think he'll go for it in 2012.

--Svein Tuft is back! This is killer! So glad to see him winning. This guy has a great story if you've never heard of him.

--Velonews has a decent interview up with Johan Brunyeel. Unless I'm trying to get to sleep, I don't usually read their interviews, but Johan makes some good points. When asked about Phinney he says something I've been thinking about for a while. "Supposedly I had the future of American cycling on my team a number of years ago and to this day that rider is still waiting for a Tour de France selection."

Phinney is an amazing cyclist with incredible potential. But the road to PRO-dom is paved with kids who had incredible potential but never made it.

He also makes another great point which I think is oft unrecognized by up and coming riders, "it’s really important that they are a good teammate and get along well with the riders and staff." Cycling, like anything else, is a job and it's not always the best that gets ahead. You gotta be likeable, Biff.

--Here's an old school article about Museeuw's training. Last summer I rode out to the Museeuw factory in Lokeren with current New Zealand road champ Jack Bauer. They had been working on bikes and wheels made out of flax. Yes, flax. (More info in link above.)

--Boonen is out of la Vuelta unfortunately. Looks like that crash from the Tour de Suisse really hurt his knee. I'm bullish on Boonen's prospects for the future but I still like the guy a lot.

--Here's how not to do a bibs review. The content, well I didn't read it, but do you have to have the awkward pics?

--My Google AdWords are running!

What do you guys think?

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