Thursday, August 19, 2010


--So my new thing is homemade bars. A few weeks back I was at the store about to re-up for the millionth time when I decided to make my own.

Here's my first batch:

Here's my second:

Basically, the recipe is this:

whole oats
fruit juice (I usually use some variation of apple but am tempted to try Açaí)
brown rice syrup
sunflower seeds
flax seeds
protein powder (I've been using hemp protein powder lately but soy works too)
raisins or other dried fruit

Some people put wheat germ in these but I don't do much gluten so I leave it out. You'll notice I didn't put any amounts. I basically buy a large bag of bulk oats, mix in powder, seeds, et cetera. Then, I put in a liberal amount of juice (until it all mixes well together but not to where there is juice sitting in the bottom). You can also add peanut butter or any other type of nut butter.

I put the mix in a rectangle pan about an inch deep and put in the oven at 250. Every ten minutes or so I take it out and mix it up. When I get tired of getting up from the couch I decide to take it out for good.

VERY IMPORTANT: At this point you need to turn the oven to OFF.

I use the bottom of a cup and pack down the oats flat. You can add cinnamon on top if you like. Then, I let them cool for half an episode of Jersey Shore.

Once cooled, I cut them into bricks--I prefer roughly 4"x2" chunks because they fit well in jersey pockets. I wrap them in tinfoil and then toss in the fridge, or leave out.

Thus, you have Jar-bars ("jair-bars").

--For those of you looking for a less-sugary version, the master himself has a rice/egg/prosciutto version.

--The Eneco Tour is well under way. Last year I was fortunate enough to catch stage 2 and stage 3 of this tour and it was a blast. I digest.

Svein Tuft is owning it after a strong prologue. Way to go Garmin. They had a strong showing last year and it's continuing this year. Now if we could only get the tour on the U.S. radar...

--In other news, Ricco's not going to Quick Step. (Thanks to Sigberto for bringing this to my attention.) Looks like my predictions on him were less wrong, or more right...

Either way, I just can't see this guy staying clean for too much longer.

--Okay this is the last of the transfer news. Sastre is going to the new Fuji-Servetto team which will be called Team Geox. Just to be clear, this is Ricco's old team. It went from Saunier Duval-Scott, to Fuji-Servetto, to Footon-Servetto-Fuji, and now to Team Geox.

Oh and Kreuzinger will be following the hawk next year and riding for Astana.

--Big EuroStars in Mexico? Si, señor! Apparently some big dogs are headed down south for a Mexican criterium. I almost want to road trip it down there...

--Fly V is headed for the big time. Would be cool if they were still rocking Parlees!

Apparently back when CSC started rocking Cervelos they went to Bob Parlee and offered him sponsorship of the team. The riders all liked the bikes a lot and they wanted to ride them as a team. The only problem was they needed like 100 frames and a million ducats. The rest is history.

--Way to go Devolder! Guy is rocking the Belgian TT and Road Race champ!

Way to go Lefevere, too. After a whole season of badmouthing Devolder he's off to Vacansoleil with both championships. But, I mean, it's not like the biggest cycling team in Belgium wants those or anything...

--Looks like Schumacher found a team as well.

Here's an old Gerolsteiner spot he did. Not sure what's actually happening.

--In other news, ever wanted to watch a Euro feed but it was geo-restricted? Here's an IP cloaker so you can watch the feeds from RAI. I've yet to try it though so I can't vouch.

--I'll leave you with this Jens Voigt interview from the Tour:

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