Wednesday, August 4, 2010

King Albert

--So, shortly after saying it would be cool to see Contador on Saxo Bank, it happened! Contador will be rocking a Saxo-Sungard kit next year. I assume Novarro and Noval will go with him.

Also interesting is the fact that Riis is predicting a Grand Slam for Contador. Yeah, all three Grand Tours. That would be unreal, but I think if Contador trained only for those races he might be able to pull it off. We know he can get two in one season, but three would be so insane. Btw, to all the Schleck-loving, Contador-hating fans, what gives? This guy is the biggest talent the sport has seen since Lance.

Here's a great pic I found of King Albert.

--Ricco says "dueces" to Flaminia. Apparently in a down economy prospects are better than I thought for a convicted doper who is universally reviled amongst the peloton. (It probably helps that his wife and baby mama was convicted of doping as well.)

My prediction, next year Ricco pulls a Rassmussen and at best begs Flaminia to take him back. At worst, he's riding for Tecos. It's not the doping, it's the fact no one liked him in the first place. (Just to note, I loved seeing him in the 2008 Giro and Tour so when I say "no one" I mean people in the sport that actually matter: riders and managers. If you haven't seen some of the stages he won they're absolutely worth a watch.)

--Looks like Vacansoleil is going after Sanchez. I'd be pysched to see this happen. I like this Dutch team a lot and it'd be killer to see them with a GC man. They had a fantastic Vuelta last year and a nice Classics season with the win by Traksel.

They did, however, lose Traksel and I believe the Fellieu brothers. I think after years of doing nothing Traksel might have wanted more pay than he was worth. My guess is you'll never hear that name again. As for the Fellieu brothers, I think Brice could definitely win some more Tour stages. Not sure that he'll ever be a GC man, though...French GC man???

Like I was saying, Vacansoleil rocks and I hope they make it to the ProTour soon.

--Looks like the Tour of Colorado is on its way to really happening. This is exciting, especially in a state where morons like these are running for office.

--Wanted to give a plug for my puncture resistant tubes. I first started using these the week I got two flats from stickers. The other day a friend flatted and it reminded me how nice it is to...okay I'm going to jinx myself if I say it. But you get the drift, it just, doesn't happen.

--Here's a cool article about bike share networks.

--Here's a group of cyclists who dress up in interesting costumes and ride around.

--I'll leave you with this. On Monday I was house sitting for my parents in Half Moon Bay. In the evening I headed out on the loop that ends up near the fire station. I did a mild interval up the hill then headed down. At the bottom I decided to go again.

While heading back up I noticed a van coming behind me. I kept climbing, noticing the van didn't seem to be gaining on me. I figured it was an old person.

Whenever I got to the top I pulled off in a driveway and slouched over my bike. The gold Ford Aerostar pulled up in front of me and stopped. Inside was a heavyset, white guy in his late thirties. He had a sloppy goatee and a bag of Ruffles in his hand.

"You are awesome" said the guy as he reached in the bag for more chips.

"Ha!" I replied, gasping for air. "Thanks!"

"Really, dude. I was goin' ten miles 'n hour up that hill 'n I never caught you."

"Thanks, dude" I said as I tried to make sense of the situation.

Before I knew it he had driven away and I was headed down the mountain.

Hopefully I'll run into him again someday. If I do, his next Ruffles are on me.

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