Sunday, August 1, 2010

Please, Just One More Stage

--I know I'm not alone when I say the post-Tour withdrawals are getting the best of me. Like a kid at Christmas, last month was characterized by bright-eyed 6 AM wake ups to find the breakaway du jour fighting for . And now, nothing. Well, aside from La Clasica San Sebastien which doesn't quite suffice. I thought I could just watch 23 days straight of the finest French production since the revolution and then put it down cold turkey. I was wrong.

In my post-Tour haze I've attempted to find other non-cycling activities. I've tried everything from NASCAR to walking. Nothing suffices. At least not like that euphoric hour after the stage 11 mêlée. Or the ensuing despair after Renshaw was booted for, in short, being so good. Such highs, such lows.

In times like these, it's usually the blogosphere that keeps me going. Despite some interesting transfer news--Scarponi to Lampre, Petacchi to Quick Step, Devolder to Vacansoleil, Schlecks to a new Luxembourg team, and Contador off to God knows where--there's been little to nothing. I'll do my best to fill the void.

--Speaking of Contador, I think he should stay with Astana. I feel like they had a great thing going this year and he could do well there, at least for another year. I also would be psyched to see Vino race one more Tour in support after his fantastic ride this year.

However, it'd also be exciting to see him on another team. Since we know he's leaving, I'm pulling for Saxo Bank, or I should say Sungard. Seeing the two of the best in cycling on the same team would be incredible.

I'd hate to see him go to Caisse or some of the other suitors because if they have a TTT in next year's Tour he could really lose a lot of time.

Either way, I'll go ahead and say it. Barring injury, he'll win at least the next two Tours.

--I'm getting excited about this year's Vuelta. Last year's was killer; I saw some of it live and the rest on Sporza--on a TV not some feed!

Not sure what the latest is on Farrar but hopefully he can get a few stages after his bad Tour luck.

I'd love to see Hesjedal ride it, even after his amazing performance in the Tour. That might be a big much for him but I think considering it's the least difficult of the grand tours he could do even better.

Sastre is going try to redeem redeem himself just like he's tried in almost every grand tour since 2008.

And Radioshack, well they're probably pretty happy to not be riding it. After all the negative press they've received lately they're probably best just staying under the radar. Aside from my man Horner in 10th at the Tour, this year has been dismal.

--On that topic, looks like Fuyu, the first Chinese rider I've seen in the Euro peloton, just failed his B test. With Lance under federal investigation for doping, I'm surprised this hasn't gotten any coverage. I only saw it on cycling sites when they first caught him (Sample A), and now that it's been confirmed I haven't seen anything. You would think, a rider getting caught doping on the same team as Mr. Clean would be newsworthy.

--Aside all the news about Phinney joining Radioshack there's another up and comer that I'm excited about. His name: Daniel Teklehaymanot. He's the Eritrean who just signed with Cervelo. I'm mainly excited about him because he's the first African I've seen signed to a major team.

--Maybe when the Lance investigation heats up he could try the Petacchi defense. You know, where you just say you aren't going to answer any questions. Apparently that works in Italy...

--I'll leave you with a couple pics from recent rides. All were taken with my HTC Incredible.

This one is from Alpine Dam.

This one is looking out over SF from Mt. Tam off Ridgecrest.

This one is looking out at the marine layer from Pan Toll Road.

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