Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Return of the Cobra

--I've been sick for the last week so I haven't done much riding. On Sunday I had to get out so I rode through the park to the beach.

I had no clue how great the park really is. On the way back I was feeling saucy so I raced one of those three-wheeled cars for tourists. I totally dusted them but I think they let me...

--My buddy Jason told me about these Wednesday night self-timed TTs in the park. Apparently they're 10 mile TTs and you time yourself. I think I'm going to do the one next week.

--Looks like Quick Step is in talks with Ricco. Let me clarify, LeFevere wants to talk with Ricco about a contract but he has to talk to his sponsors first. Whatever happened to the ol' "if you have to ask..." litmus test?

I stated earlier I think his prospects are pretty bleak, but he was wearing yellow though after that crash a month ago. I think it'd be kind of cool to see him on Quick Step, if for nothing else to hear the response from the rest of the peloton.

There is an interesting piece of the article in that it says he bought himself out of his Flamina contract for 75,000 Euros. Salaries for cyclists are rarely talked about, unlike other sports, so I always like to see what they're making. I believe the minimum for a continental PRO rider is 24,000 Euros a year. Not bad, except for I've heard, on behalf of a neo-Euro PRO, that they have to give all this back to the team. Only if they do well are they able to keep any pay. Sounds like bike racing to me.

--In other good transfer news it looks like Renshaw has re-upped with HTC. Eisel announced his renewal earlier so looks like a 2011 full of Cavination is set in stone.

--Speaking of HTC, Greipel finally got his complaints cleared with HR and he's headed to Omega Pharma. There he'll continue to prove he's not as good as Cav, only with less support.

To his credit, he had an amazing 2010, no, an AMAZING 2010 and hopefully he'll do well at Omega. He won't, however, beat Cav head to head.

--Here's a short interview with Valverde. I was bummed to see him go out like he did.

--Ever wished there was a calendar you could add to your existing Google Calendar or iCal with all the races? Well, I found a really great one the other date. Just add this link to whatever calendar you use and you won't miss a race!

--This tweet its way across the U.S. in honor of, you guessed it, cancer. You can follow it on Twitter (@yesiamprecious).

My bike would tweet things like "change my bottom bracket!" or "new chainrings please."

--I know I've said it before but this could in fact be the funniest Toto to date.

--I'll leave you with this pic I janked off La Gazzetta. But first, a haiku I wrote in honor of Vino.

I ride bike
hill steep
I write blog

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