Monday, August 16, 2010

Wie sagt man chamois cream auf Deutsch?

--The other day I took a short spin over to Sports Basement to pick up my chamois cream of choice
Beljum Budder. On the way back as I was waiting to turn onto Fell I heard:

"Excuse me."
I turned around to see a minivan with a German woman and her family.
"Yes?" I replied.
"What is that, eh, in your, eh..." as she points to the Beljum Budder in my jersey pocket.
"Ah, it, uh..." I point to my crotch. She's not getting it.
"Lotion!" I say, as I rub my hands together and motion towards my crotch again.
"Ahh, oh, hehe" she says as she begins to blush and her husband starts to laugh.
"Did you need some?" I ask.

--In other news, Holloway (@The_Holloway) wins the US PRO Criterium Championships! Holloway's one of my favorite domestic PROs so I'm stoked he won this.

I saw him at the Berkeley Bike Club crit a few weeks back. Like a true PRO he rode to the race, from Morgan Hill.

At the beginning of the race he sat near the front for a few laps. This strung out the field and got rid of the riff-raff. We watched a few laps and then headed over to Gordo's for burritos.

We got back with about 10 to go. Holloway was in a breakaway with seven other guys. This was an ideal situation for the other seven guys. All they had to do was take a number and one by one go off the front and then everyone else sit in and make Holloway pull it back. The only problem is they had to agree to 1/7th a chance of winning, compared with the 1/0 chance of winning in a sprint against Holloway (he races Six Day's in Europe). The seven guys thought their odds were better than I did and the breakaway stayed together.

The last lap finally came and with it a foregone conclusion. Holloway came out of the final turn third of fourth wheel and 100 meters later he crossed the line bike lengths ahead of the others. PRO.

--Looks like Ricco has signed with Quick Step. Bam! Well, I was wrong about that one. Considering how reviled he is in the peloton I thought Quick Step would stay away.

(For those of you unfamiliar with Riccardo Ricco, he's the AMAZING Italian climber who had incredible performances in both the Giro and the Tour in 2008. If you haven't seen some of these videos you really should. He also completed what I've dubbed the "EPO Grand Slam." Unlike the Grand Tour Grand Slam which Contador has hinted at, the "EPO Grand Slam" is when both you and your baby-mama get caught doping.)

Either way, Ricco blew my socks off in 2008 and I'm psyched to see him back.

--Morabito loses the lead due to going the wrong way around a round about.

--Apparently the Luxemburg team is on schedule despite not having announced a sponsor.

--Kloden rails at the German cycling federation. Maybe this is why Haussler changed his citizenship to Australia.

--Vino is doing one more!! Woot! Go Vino.

--Speaking of old guys, Inigo Cuesta is 41 and doing his 17th Vuelta! Insane!

--Okay I think this is one of the lamest of the whole hipster bike videos. It's about SF messengers and, well see for yourself.

--No funnies for today, instead Wick Nasty has sent me something far better. (Check out the adjustable stem on the site.)


  1. Maybe Ricco blew your socks off because he was blood was as thick as peanut butter because of the CERA.

    It'll be interesting to see what he's really got.

  2. Also, looks like the Quickstep deal fell through and he's going to Vacansoleil.

    I love watching those guys race the big events without any sense of inferiority, so hopefully his ego will take a back seat and his legs will do the talking.