Saturday, September 18, 2010


--Yale rower turned PRO Jonathan Chodroff just admitted to using EPO (which he bought from Joe Papp's online fun store). Chodroff says he quit cycling two months ago and was planning to move on anyways. I figure the pressure on Papp had a lot to do with his admitting to doping. I'd also like to know more about his decision to quit the sport and what his future plans are.

I was pretty bummed to hear about this one. I liked him since I read this interview when he was getting started in 2008. I mean, I guess since he just came out with it there's some props for that, but seems like it was only because it looked imminent that Papp would "snitch."

Who am I to judge though? I have a confession of my own to make. Back in 2009, when I was trying to get the highly sought after Category 4 upgrade, I lied. I had 8 of 10 necessary races having missed one of the Early Bird crits in Union City (these counted as two races because of the race and clinic). I wanted to get out of the Cat 5 melee before the season started so I lied on the upgrade form and said I had done them all (the upgrade from 5 to 4 is on the honor system). I thought I'd go to the grave with that one. It was a small lie but then they started making all these "Cat4Strong" bracelets and... I just thought all the inspiration I provided to aspiring Cat 5s, I thought that would be worth it in the end, worth a little fib. Sorry guys.

--In other news, Oscar Sevilla just got busted. Looks like his career is over. I saw a guy in a Rock Racing kit the other day and it made me think of those guys.

--Last Wednesday was the first night of cross here in the park! Five bucks to race, or free if you wear a dress...

For the second season in a row, I need to get a cross bike! Apparently they got busted this week though!

--The Tour of Britain rolls on! Has anyone been watching this? I haven't checked to see if there are any feeds on or

My buddy Jack Bauer is doing pretty well so far. He was fourth in stage 4 and is sitting 15th overall!

Velogogo has a cool video up of stage 3. Cobbles!

--I wanted to give props to Universal Sports (@universalsports) again for their coverage of the Vuelta. They've had some issues the past few days with its live feed but their customer service is fantastic.

--Theo Bos couldn't get much worse luck. The other day he crashed out in the, wait for it, TT! He ran into the back of a parked moto! All this after the horrific crash last year with Daryl Impey.

--Bettini has completely snubbed Ballan for the Italian Worlds team. Not sure how this happened.

For those of you who didn't see it, he was World Champion in 2008 after his incredible attack in Varese.

--So much for the Giro in DC. Cyclomayor Fenty lost re-election...

--The Tour of Colorado is coming together. This should be an amazing race and depending on the crowd it draws, I might have to fly out for it.

--Okay, I'll leave you with this pick of Vino I got from La Gazzetta:

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