Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Contador, Worlds, and Chamois Cream

--Worlds is going on but before I get to those predictions...CONTADOR TESTED POSITIVE!!!! I have the feeling like I had when Renshaw got kicked out of this year's Tour, only worse.

As I've mentioned in the past, I believe he has the potential to keep winning Tours for years to come. I would hate to see his reign cut short by something like this. However, I think given what seems like a lack of exceptions in UCI rules--except of course if you happen to make a $100k donation--I think he will be suspended.

It makes me wonder how many others have had this happen. Maybe Zirbel was the same? After all, there are tons of banned substances that one could inadvertently take. So many in fact that there's an iPhone app so people can check if something's on the list!

--Worlds is already under way and Phinney (@taylorphinney) won the TT title by less than two seconds! My money is on Ben King (@benking89) for the U23 road title.

For the PRO road race, I'm betting on Philippe Gilbert. My wild card is Kolobnev.

Evans repeat? No, no way. Although I'll be wearing my BMC World Champ socks in honor of the race.

For the PRO TT, an easy guess is Fabian, but I think Tony Martin could surprise.

Worlds is being broadcasted online at for $9.99. Hats off to them for the pay-per-view model, I love it.

Robbie McEwan has some course preview videos on VeloNews.

Apparently not everyone in Geelong is so pleased with the riders' behavior.

--Word has it that BBox is still sans-sponsor for next year. However, I heard it from a reliable source at Interbike that they've found someone. Booyeah! Too bad Voeckler already left, though.

--I finally took the Colnago out of the box:

It's a 2011 CX-1 size 52cm sloping TT.

--There's a documentary coming out about last year's Tour called Chasing Legends. They have showings in Marin and SF at the end of October and November, respectively. I've got tickets for the 9 PM showing in SF on Nov 16th. I might also go see the Marin one because it's two weeks before the SF showing.

The preview alone made my skin tingle.

I love the quote by Phil:

"I have seen grown journalists in tears because they're frightened to death, going down the mountains in the car..."

--On Saturday, after flying back from Vegas, I tried out some DZNuts. I had been wanting to give it a go and finally got a tube at Interbike.

The first thing I noticed was a serious tingling sensation. I normally like this, you know, in Icy Hot, on my legs, but absolutely not on my junk. The worst part is that funky "tingle" lasted long after I had showered. I'll never use this stuff again.

My rating: 0 out of 5. Maybe if you're into the tingle, you'd like this. Otherwise, I'll stick to my trusty Beljum Budder.

--Something I am into is my new shoe covers. I bought them off Prendas Ciclismo (Chee-clease-mo). They were roughly 20 for two pairs and the shipping, albeit from England, was cheap. They also have all the PRO team gear. I'll definitely buy from these guys again.

--In other news, looks like Lim and Livingston will be taking the stage soon. I seriously doubt Lim has ever been involved in doping in any way. Livingston on the other hand...

--I didn't know this but apparently Verizon has a team. This is way cool! My device, an HTC Incredible, and my carrier, Verizon, both support cycling. Ride on!

--Stuey is the latest in a long line of cyclists accused of tax fraud.

--Saw this in the park the other day:

The new fixed-gears, "because, like, trackstands are hard, man..."

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