Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Interbike, Here I Come!

--Tomorrow I'll make hajj to the Mecca of North American cycloconsumption, Interbike. It'll be my first time going to Interbike and I can't wait. I get in just in time for CrossVegas. I saw all the fun J Bone (@jwbender) had last year so this year I splurged on a Southwest ticket and two nights at The Sands!

It would have been cool to go to the Outdoor Dirt Demo (ODD) up in Boulder City but I'll save that for next year. Besides, I think two days in Vegas will be all the bike I can handle. For me, I start getting diminished returns around day three, even if it's a grand tour. After that it's all the same.

Anything special you guys want to see while I'm there? My boss has requested pics of the new Masis. My camera battery is charged so I'll be taking a ton of pics. I doubt I'll blog while I'm there but will definitely tweet (@jstreebin) the notable stuff and will post pics each night (

Also, I'm looking forward to seeing some PROs there! Last year Jim ran into Ed Haussler:

Given he got snubbed from the Australian Worlds team maybe he'll be there again this year.

I do want to get a copy of Chasing Legends while I'm there. It's a documentary about HTC Columbia's 2009 Tour and it looks amazing.

--Ben King (@benking89) soloed to victory the other day at the US PRO Championships. For a second I thought they were talking about the U23 race but then I saw Horner got fourth! This is insane! Taylor Phinney (@taylorphinney) won the Time Trial Championships as well so both national champs are U23.

--I almost forgot, Worlds is this weekend. The US just announced its team. I haven't been keeping up enough to know who got subbed and who didn't but why didn't King and Phinney make the team? I know they're both U23 but considering they won the PRO race, why not let them go to the big leagues?

Anyways, my money is on Gilbert although I'd be stoked if Cavendish won. Oh and that fourth place Cav got on the last sprint into Madrid, it was with a broken spoke!

--Rumor has it Spartacus is joining the Schlecks. Was really hoping to see him and Contador on the same team but maybe after signing Contador they didn't have enough money to keep Cancellara. Or, they might not have been able to provide the firepower to support Contador in the GC and Cancellara in the classics.

Either way, when are we going to see what the Luxembourg kits look like? I'm psyched to see some new colors in the peloton.

--After Mosquera's admirable Vuelta performance he's headed to Vacansoleil. After losing the Fellieu brothers they needed some more uphill firepower to join forces with "The Cobra."

--For those of you having grand tour withdrawals, here are some great pics from this year's Tour. Waking up at 7 AM just doesn't have the same ring without the Vuelta on...

--I'll leave you with this pic of Jan and Kloden in my country Kazakhstan!

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