Sunday, September 5, 2010

Is the Vuelta Still on??

--I know, I know, to most of us in cycling the Vuelta might as well be called "La Afterthought a Espana." I usually am able to stay pretty psyched about it but lately my interest has been waning.

It could be that I've been booking my accommodations for Interbike! I'm leaving on the 22nd and arrive in time for CrossVegas. If you have any gear requests, let me know! I'm taking an extra suitcase...

--For those of you in the same Vuelta slump, I found a killer gallery from Le Tour.

--Aside from the insane temperatures they've had at the Vuelta, there have been some deadly diseases going around. A soigneur from Team Sky died the other day. I had seen he was in the hospital but thought it was from heat exhaustion or something.

--Speaking of the heat, back on stage 5 some of the cities had covered the streets with tarps so that the riders would be shaded when they came through!

--Petacchi is apparently riding each day as if it were his last. I guess that's understandable. I mean, if you doped, and then you were under investigation for it, I can see being worried about that.

--Looks like my buddy from last summer in Belgium (and reigning New Zealand Road Race Champion) will be there at worlds! Funny how the article only really mentions Roulston and Dean, even though Jack beat them last year!

--For those of you lacking the motivation to train harder this time of year, check her out.

--In another chapter of the never-ending cyclodrama, Floyd Landis has filed a lawsuit.

--I was reading in Pro Cycling that Cavendish and Zabel used Google Street View to win stages of the Le Tour. Way to go Google! Now they just need a team!

--In other news, Jeannie Longo is still winning races!

--Velogogo has had two crazy mid-crash pics of lately. 1 and 2.

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