Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pippo's Worlds Preparation...

--Just the other day "Pippo" Pozatto was denying tax evasion and now he's denying having sex! Apparently he's been focusing all his "attention" on the upcoming Worlds.

In his recent blog he has some pretty funny quotes. He mentions he was "sporting a rather dapper moustache at the Vuelta." He goes on to say, "I've nothing against Zabriskie, but to be honest, I think I'm a little bit better looking..." Pippo finishes by saying the 'tache is "coming off after the Vuelta. I wouldn't want anything to spoil my look on the podium at the world championships."

Well, I guess only God will judge him...

--The Riis-Scleck-O'Grady drama continues. O'Grady says they only had
"a couple drinks"
, Little Schleck (@andy_schleck) says it was "a drink", and Riis has the last word by saying they were out "until 5 AM". Mr. 60 laid down the law by kicking them both out of the Vuelta.

The real question is, drinking or not, what were they doing staying out until 5 AM? Last time I checked Frank isn't that far back and still has a fighting chance at the podium. Maybe Andy figured since Frank crashed out of the Tour early on that he didn't owe him anything.

I think the real issue here was Andy being out late, not Stuey. After all, Stuey is Australian and that's what they do. But Andy was at the race solely to help his brother and to be out that late before a stage isn't acceptable. The reason I don't think he'll win the Tour--for as long as Contador (@albertocontador) is around and strong--is because of things like this.

--The other day I was going back through my pics from last year's Vuelta and thought I'd post a few of my favorites:

Opening TT in Assen

The next day I rode over to catch them coming through a feed zone.

The finish of the following day's stage.

Bobbie Traksel

The Fuji crew


I ran into these two neo-PROs as I was chasing the peloton out of town. They took me to KM 0.

If you've never seen KM 0 it's worth watching. Almost immediately the guys were strung out, yelling at each other and breaks were trying to get up the road. It was cool riding alongside them.

--Taylor Phinney rode an amazing TT the other day at the Tour de l'Ain. Check out the video. I think at one point he passes one of the motorcycles.

--Here are a few more reasons to train hard.

--Looks like McEwan (@mcewanrobbie) and Svein Tuft are going to be joining the new "Australian super team."

--Bruseghin had a rough crash (NSFW) the other day!

--A North Carolina cyclist was suspended for testing positive for THC (pot). I think this is a bit like Boonen getting in trouble for doing cocaine outside of racing. I don't think the guy should be suspended for it. There are some, though, who believe it provides certain advantages...

--I'll leave you with Rodriguez's pirate salute from yesterday.

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