Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clen-tador and "Team Luxembourg"

--The Contador case thickens. As judgement draws neigh--or does it??--evidence of a massive "Clen ring" has been unearthed in Spain. This appears to be just the ticket Contador was looking for...

But wait! Basque officials have responded with a definitive "No! Our beef is clenbuterol-free!" (Basque is a region of Spain best known for its cycling team Euskaltel Euskadi, which is best known for its Hail Mary attacks in the Tour, and most notably, the Vuelta. That being said, Mikel Astarloza actually won a stage of last year's Tour--stage 16, the nail bitter where Voigt fell and Contador dropped Klodie. The win, however, was revoked once Astarloza tested positive for EPO.)

Meanwhile, I'm already tired of this. I need something new.

--The Luxembourg team has signed both Voigt and Cancellara, yet still no clue of where the money is coming from. Voigt said he "felt like it was time to make a change." Is he talking about a change in bikes? Last time I checked this is essentially the same team as last year, only with a new sponsor and DS.

--Apparently Radioshack's profits are up 23% this past quarter over the same quarter last year. It's clear there is a serious ROI for marketing via cycling...or marketing via Lance. Either way, it's good to see. I found this in an email about consumer electronics but I wish more of the major cycling sites would publish stuff like this. After all, the people making investments in cycling via sponsorship are reading cycling news.

--Looks like Campy has unveiled its new electric shifting.

Italian Cycling Journal had it up before the big guys so props to him. He's got close-up pics on that link.

Although I consider myself a techie, the neo-Luddite in me was kind of hoping the electric shifting wouldn't catch on across the board. I think the Di2 stuff is cool, and I like it, it's just not that appealing to me. Maybe that's why I don't even have a computer on my bike. But yes, between my tired groupo and a nice new Di2, I'd love it. Better yet, I'd be telling you how great it is.

In the long-term I don't think electronic shifting will ever rise above a small to modest minority in the competitive cycling components market. The costs are and will remain considerably higher than standard shifting. This, in addition to the fact the costs of all competitive cycling components have gone through the roof, spell a niche novelty, not ubiquitous adoption.

--Pellizotti has received the "all clear" to begin racing again. Not sure how they justify that one. They kept him from racing but didn't officially suspend him? He says he's going to sue the UCI. Cyclingnews has gone into more depth on the issue.

--A while back I read about Dean doing the Single Speed Worlds. I thought that sounded pretty cool. The coolness was confirmed when I saw this pic of Dean:

According to the Wiki Dean's known as "Kiwi Guy." However, most of you probably know him as "Guy Who Got Renshaw Ejected Guy." Okay that's a bit harsh. Dean's an incredible rider and I didn't realize this but he podiumed on three stages of this year's Tour. He's also got a good sense of humor:

--This pic scared me at first, Haussler driving, during a race of all places?! Then, I realized it was an Australian race so he's not actually driving. Maybe that's why he changed citizenship, so he could drive again...

--Good news! The Bayern Rundfahrt has had its sponsorship extended through 2013. Whew! I was totally stressing. Wish our races had names like that...

--I'll leave you with this instructional video I found on This is how to get off a tall bike...

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