Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lion of Fairfax

--Yesterday morning before heading out to ride I watched the Giro di Lombardia. It's the last major race of the year (if you don't count the Tour of Korea). Before the race the riders organized a protest over some recent comments by Ettore Torri, head of CONI.

Also, totally unrelated to the anti-doping protest, only 34 riders finished! The weather was that bad. Or, the guys who were doping, despite being able to ethically justify doping, could not justify protesting "all cyclists dope" comments...

Gilbert rode a masterful race, but more importantly, Scarponi was wearing his signature "Hawk" helmet.

Some of you may remember the graphic from his TT helmet in this year's Giro.

--After the race, I rode up to watch the "Lion of Fairfax" cross race.

I caught some of the Masters races and saw a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a while. I also saw Henry, a guy from the team I just joined. He had a pretty sick the sickest cross bike ever.

Speaking of, I finally found a team to join. Essentially, I've been looking for a team that: a) isn't serious about racing, b) is serious about cycling [serious in that they seriously love it, not in that they have the Cat 4 phenom frown], c) has a cool kit, and d) isn't a bunch of Freds.

The team is called Evergreen. The kits, you can see Henry's in the pic of his bike, are made by Capo and are saawweeet. Henry had given Jim one a while back and I was dying to get one. Anyways, I met a bunch of guys on the team today and they were all cool.

Right as I was about to leave I saw this kid Colin I knew from Gent. It was kind of shocking. I hadn't seen him in at least a year. His race was about to start so we didn't chat much.

We all rode down to Fairfax for the Biketoberfest.

Two of the guys on the team, Paul and Steve, were headed to do Paradise Loop so I peaced out and rode with them. I think that was the fastest lap out to Tiburon I've done. Paul sat on the front and pulled Steve and I all the way to the coffee shop. They were certifiably not Freds. It was a good day on the bike.

Oh and while I was waiting for Eric at the bridge in the morning, I saw a guy with a beautiful single speed, disc brake cross bike. The guy had Campy shifters and XTR rear derailleur. I had heard this wasn't possible due to the different ratios used by Shimano and Campy. However, he had this little adapter on the cable going into the rear derailleur.

--In other news, the Contador case isn't looking too hot. First, WADA ensures there will be a "timely conclusion" to the case, which seemed to bode well for El Pistolero. Then, experts came out and poked holes in the "Meat Defense." Finally, WADA dismisses said defense. Yikes.

Fortunately for me, I hedged my bets when I said Schleck wouldn't win a Tour as long as Contador is "on form." Clearly, being banned from cycling wouldn't count as "on form."

That being said, there could be hope for a quick turnaround if Contador is suspended. Recently, Danilo di Luca, or as the kids call him, "The Killer," has received a reduced sentence for cooperating with CONI. I'm not sure how they define "cooperation" but he swears he didn't snitch on anyone. (I'm guessing he just told him ways riders are getting away with doping.)

The real news is that his suspension was shortened from two years down to just nine months and seven days. Plus, they cut his fine by more than half. I guess the real question is are other riders offered this type of deal. If so, why haven't more riders taken it? If not, why not?

--Looks like the Commonwealth Games were a hit for most everyone except the people in Delhi. The course was deserted because local security didn't want to risk any terrorist attacks.

My buddy Jack Bauer ended up in 10th place! He also finished 23rd in the World Road Race Championships!

--Lastly, I'll leave you with this really funny interview with Brad Huff. He talks about racing in Asia and how 3/4 their luggage is food. Here's a funny line:

"I think it was Usain Bolt, before he set the [100 and 200-meter track] record in China, was eating Chicken McNuggets. 'What do you think you’re doing?' He said, 'I know what’s in Chicken McNuggets.'"

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  1. This dude on my group ride combines sram shifters with a campy rear derailleur. but instead of buying an index adapter he has a custom cassette so that each gear is positioned in the right place for a clean shift. it's also a 5 speed cassette.