Thursday, February 17, 2011

Contador Beats the Meat

--Contador is back! But not without a few tears along the way. No quicker can the Spanish Federation let him off the hook, McQauid is criticizing it for the decision.

Don't be fooled on this one. Here's what happened: Contador tested positive, Patty (McQuaid) alerted Golden Boy of test and told him not to worry, Patty didn't want to be the bad guy so he pushed the case to the Spanish Federation knowing how it'd rule (Operación Puerto anyone?), then they let him off the hook (I predicted he'd get the boot but the case isn't done and the UCI never fails to amuse), then McQuaid pretends to be upset about the whole deal, all along he's happy because Contador got off the hook and Patty kept his hands clean. There you have it.

And yes, I'm happy he's back because the Tour was going to be boring watching two brothers "fight" it out for the top sport. Or would it? Actually, Contador rides the Tour or not it's a win/win. Could be cool to see some sibling rivalry...

(Boonen has some legit questions about the whole debacle.)

((There's a hilarious Toto up about this as well.))

--Okay, I'll interrupt the obligatory doping news with something that really matters, I finally got a new pair of cycling shoes. I love my Sidis but after three years they're getting pretty tired looking (Jim (@jwbender) gives me a lot of crap about them but they still feel great).


Here's the side view:


My BRO João Correia hooked me up with them. I'm literally going to wear these forever. So cool.

Thanks, João!!

--Cyclingnews has had some pretty cool videos up recently. They did highlights of the Tour of Qatar--the ones that showed the massive fanfare by the Qataris.

Anyways, the latest to float my boat is this video with reactions to Riccò from Aldag, Kelly, and most importantly, Cav. Watch the last part for his reaction. I'm not even going to quote it (my mom reads this occasionally).

In addition, there's an article up now proving he did take some blood transfusions.

If it's true, which I think it is, I'm not too surprised. Riccò's a sad case. Kid has all the talent in the world but still can't come clean. My view, he's an addict, and I say this without judgement, just like Pantani and Vandenbroucke and the other unknowns before them. And I give him the same prognosis as those two.

I don't fault him, just like the others. He's human, and so am I. I like the comments from Silvère Ackermann the most:

I'm tired of cyclists being morally held up as something they're not. The media, politicians, sponsors, the heads of the UCI - often these are people without any morals, they use double language all the time. They ask the athletes to be highly competitive and to respect so-called moral values at the same time. Those who advocate these sort of ideas must be joking, because they would be unable to apply them to their own activities.

In cycling, just like in life, there's cheating. Yes, we should absolutely try to prevent it, for the sake of the sport. But cheaters should be pitied, because their actions are pitiful.

The real question, though, is what does babymama Vania Rossi think of all this??

--Tour of Cali routes news! The opening stages are going to be up in Tahoe and Marek has offered to let me crash in his back yard!

--Check out these new shifters for sprinters. Sick!


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