Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Harley

--In case you didn't see it, Velocity Nation posted the full Landis interview with Kimmage. This thing is unreal. I couldn't stop reading it. I'm not even done with it yet (it's super long and there aren't pictures). Here's one of my favorite parts so far:

What about the Harley-Davidson?

Yeah, I know it looks like some sort of status symbol but the main reason I bought it – and maybe you’ll laugh at this - but they started doing more out-of-competition doping controls in 2005 and 2006, and so I bought it because I could park it in a garage and wear a black helmet with a facemask and a motorcycle helmet. Max, my brother-in-law at the time, would always drive behind me when I trained, so I would have him leave and see if there was anyone outside and if there were I would get on my Harley and leave.

I’m sorry I don’t understand.

If there were people there waiting to do a control and I happened to be home, I could just go into the garage and put my helmet and facemask and jacket on and leave on the motorcycle. They might argue that it was me and I can deny it and say ‘I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.’ But if they see you and you leave, you get a missed test. That was the purpose of buying it. I never really ended up riding it.

That was why you bought it?

Yeah (laughs). That was the beauty of putting it in the magazine; terrible, I shouldn’t even laugh; it wasn’t like I got satisfaction or a thrill of taking those risks. I think some people have a personality where they like the risk part of it, I didn’t like that part.

--The interview was welcomed by Simeoni because Landis talks about the incident in the 2004 Tour where Lance chased him down (after Simeoni testified against Ferrari).

The whole thing has made the Germans so angry (okay, Schumacher had a lot to do with that, well and Gerdeman, and all of T-Mobile, and...) that it is threatening to pull the plug on the Tour coverage in Germany. Yikes!

--This is about the coolest post ever. Simon over at La Gazzetta has posted a recipe for homemade chamois cream. I've yet to make it but let me know if any of you try it, would love to hear how it goes.

--Speaking of cool, Ted King is racing for Liquigas this year! This is so sick. I think it would be awesome to race for a foreign team, especially an Italian or French one, okay or Dutch or Belgian. He's got a new site up and some killer posts about riding Italian stylee.

--Looks like Cuddles is putting all his eggs in one basket. I'm going to file this under "bad" to "awful" ideas, but I hope it works out for him.

I mean, were his past performances weaker because of earlier season racing? Does it really work like that? Having one peak instead of multiple ones, he'll peak higher?

I'm totally skeptical and my bet is he won't crack the top 10. He could win a Vuelta or a Giro, not a Tour. The elusive malliot juane...

(Yes, if I'm wrong, I'll wear my BMC world champion socks for the month of August.)

--Tour of Cali is getting closer! I can't wait to head up to Tahoe for some of the action.

I also just found out my grandparents are doing a house swap with a family in LeMans, France so I'm thinking of going to see the Tour as well. They're going to be there a few days after the stage beginning in LeMans. So the dilemma is, should I go, watch all the stages near there, then see the fam on the 10th when they get there? Or, go later in the month and catch the finish on the Champs? Any suggestions? Has anyone been to Paris for the finish? A buddy of mine said there are tons of people and you can't really see anything.

--Lucas has a new new post up. He's an up and coming rider from Cal with a knack for writing race reports.

--Looks like Fast Freddie will still be racing! About a year ago I helped paint his house in Claremont with a rider buddy of mine. The guys in Belgium said he used to stay at our house and so I asked him about it. He remembered Staf (the owner) and the house and everything. Small world.

---Here's a cool map from the Inner Ring of where all the French riders live.

--Lastly, I'll leave you with a nice post on the new jerseys for this year.

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