Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Not About the Brakes

--The Examiner has an article up about the dangers of riding with no brakes. Apparently some kid on a fixed gear ran over a 61-year-old woman walking through a crosswalk. The reporter, as with most cycling articles by non-cycling media, blew the story.

Here's the deal. I get on a bike with no brakes. I can ride around all day and never hit anyone despite having no brakes. The brakes aren't the issue, it's the rider.

In the last month I've almost been hit by two "fixed gear riders," as I'll call them in place of any number of epithets. The first time was at Folsom and 24th. A guy was riding in the dark, without lights and had seen me the whole time, but still decided to come straight at me then swerve. The second time was last week while walking on a sidewalk. It's not the fixed gear, it's the douchebag.

The other point the reporter missed is the kid was from San Bruno, hardly an urban environment. They don't even have crosswalks there, let alone pedestrians.

--This was back page news but Samuel Dumoulin won stage 1 of Tour du Haut Var. I like this guy a lot in the same vein I like riders like Moncoutié and some of the other lesser-known but seasoned PROs.

Last year he ended up dropping out of the Tour midway through. His reason? He was tired. He didn't make up some mysterious stomach bug or anything like that, he just told the truth. Respect.

--Gesink snagged the lead at the Tour of Oman and Theo Bos also got a stage win. It's great to see him doing well this year. He had a rough first year in 2009 with the crash.

--Looks like there's a doping ring in Girona. This is the city in Spain where a lot of the US PROs live. It was Tondo who blew the whistle.

--Speaking of, the Xacobeo-Galicia doctor has come forth saying he was fired because he refused to dope riders.

--I'm no body language expert but these Lance tapes are pretty damning. They were leaked from his SCA deposition a few years back. You really have to watch these.

--Zirbel has some good points on the Contador case. Yes, it shouldn't be an absolute system. If they can trace the banned substance back to an accidental ingestion, that should get them off.

--I'll leave you with The Onion's take on the Contador case.

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