Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paris-Nice Trip!

--This Thursday I'm heading to London to visit my dad for a week. I'm changing jobs--going to work for Henry (BRO who let me borrow his SC Nomad)--and I was lucky enough to get a week off between jobs.

After purchasing my ticket I checked out the races to see if there was anything nearby I could go see. Turns out Paris-Nice is starting the Sunday after I arrive! I booked a train ticket and a hotel so I'll have a blog post or two from the start of Paris-Nice on the 6th.

I also plan to go see the new velodrome built for the 2012 Olympics. If you have any other London recommendations please email or tweet me.

--In more good news, I just got in touch with one of my favorite PROs, Daniel Holloway (@The_Hollywood) and he's agreed to do an interview! He's headed to Asia for a few weeks to race in Singapore and Malaysia so I'll chat with him after he returns. As always, put your questions in the comments below and I'll add them to the list!

--Did you guys see Het Nieuwsblad today?? Unreal. I don't think I'd seen a finish to a classic that exciting since Milan-San Remo in 2009.

--MAJOR props to Speedplay. The other night I took my new shoes out and was starting to put cleats on them when I realized I needed an additional part (the shoes come with a flat base designed for Speedplays--SICK--so you don't need the base plate but you still need a metal protector plate to go between the cleat and the carbon soles). I emailed Speedplay to confirm that's the part that was needed.

Then, the next morning I'm sitting at work and I get a voice mail from Speedplay tech telling me exactly what I needed. That's customer service.

--I've been pulling for the "iTeam" for a while now (my proposed Apple cycling team) and it looks like it's finally coming to fruition. This week has brought two clear signs which bode well for "the team."

This week Apple announced its new MacBook Pros will have a technology known as Thunderbolt (I won't bore you with the details). The important part is the way in which it's being marketed. Take a look at what I found on the Apple site:


Now, I know what you're saying, that could be merely coincidence. True, but recent rumors suggest iPad 2 will have carbon fiber backing.

First, it's the new technology used for transferring your cycling pics and vids. Then, it's the carbon fiber backed iPad 2. I rest my case. The iTeam is coming, and it's coming soon.

--Last post I noted that Tondo was the one to blow the whistle on the whole Girona doping ring. Apparently he didn't want any attention for the whole deal, the police leaked his name against his wishes. On the bright side, he'll probably be rocking a Cervelo kit next year. After hearing about the incident Vaughters posted an apology to Tondo. Props to both Tondo and Vaughters on this one. Tondo for blowing the whistle and Vaughters for admitting when he's wrong.

--I was skeptical about the Quizno's Pro Tour at first, mainly because there were a lot of missing details, but it's really starting to come together. The Quizno's owners have invested $10 million in the race.

Pez has a solid breakdown of the race for those of you interested. It should be a blast and I'm definitely going to try to get out there for a stage or two.

--Speaking of sponsors, Chipotle is back in the game! They'll be sponsoring the Garmin Development riders this year. Big ups to Chipotle and I'll continue to enjoy their savory burritos.

--Earlier this year I had a post with predictions for the coming season. (It was called "2011 Predictions" in case you weren't sure which one it was.) My first prediction was that Peter Sagan would dominate and it looks like he's on his way. He won again today at the Giro di Sardegna. That's three wins in six days of total racing this year. Wow.

--In more promising news, Velocity Nation has become the WikiLeaks for cycling. Last week they released Armstrong's SCA deposition tapes. Now they've released two conversations (here's the second one) that are pretty interesting.

--As if that wasn't enough, the US authorities have asked for Lance's 1999 urine samples! And you thought the cyclodrama was just settling down...

--Interesting post on aging tires (no it won't work on those $30 Rubino Pros...).

--A few more quick items: Judo champ wins his clen appeal, Rabobank tells the UCI to suck it saying it will ignore the radio ban at Het Nieuwsblad, and Jens Voight calls for Worlds boycott. I like it, just like I liked the Milan protests back in 2009. McQuaid's days are numbered...I hope!

(Update: UCI threatens to remove all race officials from the race so the riders are no longer protesting.)

--Some of you may of heard of the rider at the UCI World Cup who was taken out in a crash and had to have a splinter removed. Well, here's the video (BEWARE! I THINK THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST GNARLY CYCLING ACCIDENT I'VE SEEN.) Okay, can't say you weren't warned.

--Now for an extremely homoerotic video with the Schlecks...

"What's with the barbecue?"
"Meat! Lot of sausages, dirty meat, uh, nasty meat, fatty and greasy. Dirty meat!"

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