Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ride with João Correia


--This weekend I went out with João Correia (@joaoisme), my buddy Bob, and the rest of the Endurance crew. I had had dinner with João and Henry last week but this was my first time riding with him. The guy's super cool and knows a ton about not only being a PRO but the industry as a whole. Henry and I picked his brain over dinner and we learned a ton.

The plan was to ride out to the Marshall Wall and then back. I had no intention of going all the way, due to time constraints and having ridden from SF. We rolled out of Mill Valley at around 845. I'd never ridden with that group but they were all cool guys and solid riders (the draft was far superior to anything I'd felt in recent memory. Okay, except the occasional car on Fell).

We headed up Camino Alto and the whole time I was thinking of pulling a Fred attack. I mean, how often do you get to test your working stiff legs against a real PRO? Anyways, I knew it'd be a major faux pas so I held off. We rolled through Ross and all the little fiefdoms up there until we hit White's Grade.

By this point the sun was blazing and it was amazing out. I really wanted to attack but held off again. We all crested and then flew down. We blazed along until the next climb. Then, we flew down that descent that takes you out to Nicasio. I hadn't descended in a pack in quite a while since I usually just ride with a few buddies. It was a bit unnerving, especially since that road has tons of cracks.

Eventually some guy flatted and we all stopped before the climb up to the "Cheesecake Factory"--I think that's just what they call the summit of that climb because I didn't see a restaurant up there. At this point I was a good three hours out of SF so I headed back with Bob.

I got home a few hours later, having had an amazing ride. The weather was the best we've had in a while and riding with João was a real treat. I don't think my legs hurt at all, at least not until I got home...

--Speaking of João, the interview will be up next post. I still need to get the questions from the comments answered and then I'll put it up.

--BikeBoy email list! I recently signed up for MailChimp and set up an email list. Now you can get my latest posts in your email (nothing else, no spam, no nudie pics). Just sign up in the widget to the right of the post!

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--The Tour of Qatar is under way and the locals are out in force:


Look at them lined up along the finish! Okay, okay, so they aren't that hot for cycling. But at least they've got killer podium sheikhs!


Cyclingnews has some solid videos from the race. Oh and for giggles, check out the course map from the race. Figure eights, dude.

--Riccardo Riccò is in the hospital for possible kidney problem. Turns out it may have something to do with blood doping. According to this article Riccò apparently confessed to having blood doped when he was admitted to the hospital.

--Cyclocosm has verified some of what Landis said about the UCI and him not being paid. Bada bing.

--Speaking of corruption at the UCI, Patty has declared there has never been any corruption at the UCI. Whew! That clears that up.

--Pez has a killer post up about the Bremen Six. (They also have one up about the Berlin Six.) I've yet to go to a six but will definitely try to next time I'm in Europe during the winter. Six days of track racing, mullets, and techno--what more could you want??

Pez also has an interview up with Taylor Phinney (who couldn't start the Tour of Qatar due to knee problems). I had forgotten about Pez for a while because it got lost in my reader. It's definitely one of my favorite cycling news sites.

--Looks like Lees McRae is going to be offering a degree in Cycling. They'll be offering exciting courses like "To Nair or Not to Nair: The Smooth Leg Dilemma and Other Philosophical Inquiries" and "A Brief History of Freds: From Huffies to Cat 5 Tattoos."

--Lastly, the Germans were serious when they said they were going to not air the Tour. Looks like they'll be doing what Americans do, watch jank internet feeds because they can't stand the Versus coverage...

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