Wednesday, April 6, 2011


--I've been at a new J.O.B. lately so have fallen off on the weekly updates. Well, actually it was because I thought the interviews/race reports were better than my summaries. Henry, my new BOSS, says he liked them. So I'll blog on.

--Anywho! This Sunday, Perry-Rubix, be there. Was super psyched to see Fabian work like a dog last weekend and then get pipped by Nuyens. Not to mention Chavanel, who I would have loved to see win, gets dumbest ride of the day--no? I mean, had a free ride from Fabian most of the way and then blows it.

My favorite part was the second time Fabian attacked and Chavanel went with him. There was this shot where they've made a gap, Fabian is cranking and you look behind him and Chavanel is tucked in the aero position. On the flats! I loved it.

Back to Perry-Rubix and the issue of actually viewing these classics. Some of you may have been getting emails, or entertaining thoughts of purchasing one of the packages on I understand, I've been there. In fact, just to date myself, back in '09 I was lured into purchasing one of these "packages". What a waste.

They had what they called the "Grand Tour" package. This was right before the Giro and I was psyched about being able to watch it through a dedicated feed. Then, Universal Sports bought it out. This was fine, because I still got to see the Giro. The problem was never refunded my money. I called and emailed, nothing.

Then, the Tour came around and all they had was daily highlights, not stages.

Then, the Vuelta, I ended up doing better watching it on Sporza (was in Belgium at the time but you can find the feed).

The moral of this story is don't waste your money on those hacks. Really. There are plenty of solid feeds out there on sites like and Not to mention, a lot of the races are now being featured on Universal Sports and Versus. Better yet, shoot me an email or Tweet me (@jstreebin) and I'll send you the feed I'm watching it on.

(PS Universal Sports rocks. I had some issues with the player so they: a) refunded my money, and b) gave me 50% off on their Grand Tour package. Definitely worth the money.)

--Okay, enough of that. I'm excited to see the race and hopeful for: Ballan, Gilbert, Boonen, and my wildcard of Sagan. Okay, wait, I take back Ballan, it's looking like his Worlds win was a fluke. Sagan I really REALLY want to see him win a classic but I think that's a tall order from such a young rider. I do think he'll get one in the next two years, though.

--In case you're wondering what exactly Roubaix is like, check out my post from summer 2009. I rode there from Gent and had a blast (even got to ride the velodrome! no lie!!).

From Gent-Roubaix - 9-21-09

--Team Type 1 just got an invite to the Tour de Suisse! Good for them. Nice to see them making headway in Europe.

--WADA wants to eliminate B Sample testing in doping cases. They say it's costly and unnecessary. Maybe. But doesn't the suspense make it all worth it? You know, there's the initial "Wow! Really? Contador??" And then you get that 2-3 week window where you're kind of on the fence. Fun, right?

--Quizno's Pro Race Colorado Stage Festival Tour (or whatever they were calling it) is changing its name to the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Neither of them had any ring but I like this one better. Apparently Quizno's is still paying the same amount in sponsorship. Not sure how they finagled that...

--Pozzato was hoping to respond to critics at Flanders last week, but we all know how that went. Fortunately, only God can judge him.

--Looks like they're adding a women's TT to the Solvang stage of this year's Tour of Cali. I think it sounds a bit sexist to me. Here, women, try to beat the men. Meh. Doesn't really excite me and I don't think it's that great of an idea, period.

What was a killer idea was hosting the women's crit right before the Tour of Cali rolled into Santa Rosa back in 2009. I showed up early, got to see the women race, then got to see the men race. Fun day.


  1. I just finished disputing a charge with cycling tv and received my money back through VISA. I recommend you do the same!

    Cycling TV is whack!

  2. Thanks! I tried but by the time I tried it was outside the limit so the bank couldn't do anything!


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