Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BikeBoy Shirts!

--I'm working on BikeBoy shirts to wear at the Tour of California. I played around on Spreadshirt the other day and came up with these. I know they're weak so far but would love other suggestions. Oh and if you have an eye for design and send one over, you'll be well compensated in swag!!

I was thinking of changing the pic from Niels Albert to the one of the Schlecks at the Tour of Cali last year. Wick also sent over a much more graphic one (NSFW). Then again, what better marketing than a topless woman on your shirt?

--Looks like La Gazzetta has published some info from the Mantova investigation. Check out these two conversations:

On April 1, 2009, Ballan talks to Nigrelli about growth hormone:

Ballan: “Is that G?”
Nigrelli: “Yes, of course.”
Ballan: “But how do you take it?”
Nigrelli: “By mouth.”
Ballan: “Have you got some?”
Nigrelli: “It’s being delivered on Tuesday.”

On April 20, 2009, Ballan speaks to Nigrelli about taking EPO.

Nigrelli: “How many have you done?”
Ballan: “This is the fifth one.”
He then adds a little later: “This is how I’ve done EPO...”

On May 4, 2009, Nigrelli talks about Ballan to fellow rider Daniele Pietropolli. “Without chemicals Ballan would never have made it.”

BMC has suspended Ballan and Santambrogio. Guess that 2008 Worlds win by Ballan was so amazing for reason. It's still worth a second watch.

--Check out this gnarly crash by the Andalucía Caja Granada team car the other day:


I found that on Twitter the other day.

--Looks like the UCI is giving in a bit with their recent regulations on frames. Finally! Now for race radios...

--Check out some of these pics from upcoming Giro stages:



That's Contador checking out the tunnel near the summit of the Zoncolan. He says he'll be using a 34x32 on that climb.


That's the descent of the Crotis. It has Contador super worried and for good reason. Apparently they're going to erect barriers to catch any riders that fall. This is insane!

Don't forget, the Giro starts this Saturday! Looks like Universal Sports has a package which I'll probably buy. They have great pricing and great service.

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