Friday, May 6, 2011

GP de Québec's Bad Ideas...

--Alright, the new shirts are out. I ordered one the other day. Yeah, they're a bit expensive but for custom one off designs it's not bad.


--File this under bad ideas: the GP De Québec organizers are going to have a sprint competition because you "can't control the length of the race." The proposed solution would have a set time limit and be "huge for TV."

Okay guys, before you go reinvent the wheel, how about at least a little clarity on what exactly the problem is. First, they state the issue is one of timing. Races have unpredictable times. Wait, that's not true, so let me rephrase: races don't have predictable enough times. One solution, besides inventing a new type of race, would be to have a 5 hour circuit race. You base the laps off time. There, done.

Race organizer Serge Arsenault goes on to say:

"We could establish a world ranking and create a distinctive leader’s jersey. The sprinters dream of a world championship for them every year but that will never happen. They can only go for stages at the Tour de France but with this challenge, they would have a permanent event."

The sprinters have a permanent event, even sport, it's called track cycling. You know, the one where all they do is sprint? It does so well on TV they only show it once every four years.

The article states:

"The UCI has given the green light to the project, knowing it could attract higher crowds to the races and boost television coverage of cycling. Arsenault hopes to extend the concept around the world to other races."

I love the part "knowing it could attract higher crowds to the races and boost television coverage." Is this fact? Or is this the McQuaid hamster wheel of ideas? Last time I checked the major issue with coverage was all the doping controversies (see: German coverage of the Tour de France).

Lastly, the article asked two of the best sprinters in cycling what they thought:

Farrar: I don’t think I’d be very good in a sprint like this.

Freire: ...But not every idea is a good one.

--The other day I'm in my reader and I see a new Toto. The subject is how the statute of limitations for Lance to sue Landis just expired. The catch is that there's still time for the UCI to sue.

Then, the next day I see that the UCI is taking legal action against Landis. Did Toto remind the UCI to sue Landis?!

--Team Sky is launching its own online channel of sorts. I like this idea. Its been especially effective for Cervelo and now Garmin-Cervelo, specifically with their Beyond the Peloton series.

--Looks like Miche is where cyclists go after they've served their time. Davide Rebellin will be joining Stefan Schumacher at Miche - Guerciotti for the rest of the season. I can't think of Rebellin without picturing him pointing at his head after outsmarting Evans and Schleck in the 2009 Fleche Wallone.

--Stybar is making is road debut at the Four Days of Durkirk! Let's hope he doesn't get hurt so we can see him in Cali next week!

-Lastly, the first stage of the Giro is tomorrow!

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