Friday, May 27, 2011

Lance's Attorneys Agree

--Yesterday I said I thought the Feds leaked the recent news about Hincapie (credit to Scott who told me that grand jury testimonies don't just leak) and today Scott sent me this from Lance's new attorneys, indicating they think the same thing:

LANCE ARMSTRONG has added prominent S.F. attorneys John Keker and Elliot Peters, of Keker & Van Nest, to his legal team. The Armstrong camp argues that federal investigators have created a pattern of improper leaks of confidential information, culminating in allegations on Sunday’s “60 Minutes.” The Armstrong sources assert that a great number of the leaks from investigators have been inaccurate, and are designed to create “a false sense of momentum” for a case that has been underway now for more than a year. Keker and Peters are two of the nation's most renowned defense attorneys and have a reputation for fighting fiercely for the rights of their clients – including representing the Major League Baseball Players Association's successful challenge to the unlawful seizure and then leaking of 2003 baseball drug testing records.

Notice they quote the "Armstrong sources" as somehow different. Sure, Hincapie Tweeted he didn't say those things, but Twitter isn't under oath and it's certainly not punishable.

I talked to Martin about Keker and he says he bills at probably $1100 an hour, about the highest in the industry, which got me thinking about all his other expenses. He hired Fabiani a while back and is probably spending $1m a year on him. Plus, he's probably spent at least $1-2m a year on legal since he won the Tour. This guy has some serious expenses.

Also, his house in Austin is for sale. And it looks like he's selling it at a $3.5m discount to what it was listed at in 2009 ($12m).

If the Fed case continues and he gets tried, all his endorsement deals are bound to dry up as well. He could have a serious drop in his standard of living.

--Speaking of Lance's PR, I saw this Tweet the other day:

This, from Ty's FB: 'They are all being paid to write these comments. Check it out at:' Hmm.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Notice how all the critical pieces of Lance have comments at the bottom? Some of those could be organic, but these guys also do that as a service. The call it "outreach to target communities" (you have to delete the ' after the URL to see the site).

This type of thing is illegal for brands to do (ie they can't post as other people in support of their products or services) but it looks like it's a-ok if you're trying to clear your name...

--Dr. Michael Ashenden has released his views on the Armstrong case. Some of you may remember his Velocity Nation interview from a few years back in which he said "there is no doubt in my mind he (Lance Armstrong) took EPO during the '99 Tour." A pretty strong statement coming from a member of the UCI's panel of experts.

Some have argued that maybe one of the labs spiked Armstrong's samples. Ashenden did a follow up with Velocity Nation follow up on this topic where he said it was impossible that that happened. Just in case you're still on the fence...

--Today was another beautiful day at the Giro. Contador attacked with about 1.5k to go and caught Tiralongo. At first it looked like he'd blow right past him but he passed him and then let Tiralongo sit on his wheel. He checked to make sure no one else was coming and then gave Tiralongo the stage. It was great to see Tiralongo get one after he missed out the other day. You can check out the video here. It's also worth watching yesterday's finish.

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