Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The New USPROs

--The USPRO TT was on Saturday and Zabriskie won again! He's won it five times now. Also, Matthew Busche came in 3rd! Check out my interview with him from back in March.

The bigger story is that Matthew Busche went on to win the road race on Monday! So great to see new talent doing well in the sport. Pulling the RadioShack guys up Baldy seems to have been some good final prep for Matthew.

--The Giro came to an end on Sunday and Contador hung on to his overall. Millar, who won the stage, went to to say this year was "too hard". Zomegnan, as usual, brushed off the concerns of riders and told them to stay home if it was too hard. My favorite comment on the difficulty of the Giro came back in 2009 when they had horrific transfers (Garmin got lost in Sicily and ironically enough only found its way after pulling out a Garmin). A rider said something along the lines of "...and they expect us to not dope!"

Zomegnan thinks it makes the race more exciting, but to who? He quotes 11 million users as having watched, but how much did they watch? Whether the stage is 5 hours or 8 hours the only part they show is the last few hours. So really, from a fans perspective, it's moot how long the stage is. On top of that, Millar has a point, if anything it makes the racing less exciting. People are afraid to attack because they're afraid they'll have to pay for it later. I'm all for climbs like the Zoncolan and such but aside from the Wow!-factor, length doesn't really matter to me.

--Jim (@jwbender) got to ride in the team car at the final stage of the Tour of Cali this year. He got some pretty sweet pics from the UnitedHealthcare car:



This guy had stuffed a foam finger up his jersey and used it to call for water!

Check out the rest of the album!

--Looks like the director of the Swiss lab that had the positive Armstrong test back in 1999 has confirmed the meeting. The Lance camp remains steadfastly Richard Pryor, deny, deny, deny.

--Some of you may have heard about the recent Facebook scandal where they paid a PR firm to supply journalists with "news" about Google's privacy policies in an attempt to smear them? The shady PR firm was called Burson-Marsteller. They have another well-known client you might have heard of: Lance Armstrong. Clearly these guys mesh well with Fabiani...

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