Friday, May 13, 2011

Petacchi's Crunk Sprint (Remix)

--Looks like Blogger had some serious down time and killed my last post. It was a long post so I won't repeat it. Here's a basic rundown from a draft that did save.

Petacchi swerves in first sprint of the Giro:

Cav says:

"In the past every time I moved one centimetre from my line I was disqualified but this isn’t Alessandro’s fault,” Cavendish maintained. “This is the fault of the organisers or the commissaires or whoever is in charge at the time. For me I felt hard done by because for the same movement I would be disqualified."

Farrar, who's accustomed to watching sprints from behind, chimes in "I saw Petacchi sprint a dead straight line, so I guess he was pissed that Petacchi won."

Love that the peloton cheers on this old hack when he beats Cav by any means possible. Everyone hates a winner.

I had more cool Giro news about how they were planning a protest on the Zoncolan stage due to the descent of the Crostis (pic of gravely descent a few post back).

Today's stage was definitely worth watching. The guy who won is a neo-PRO and won by a nose. Amazing to watch.

--Stybar gets third in the Four Days of Dunkirk. That was his first road race ever. Looks like he'll be having a solid season! Too bad Quick Step won't be at the Tour of Cali.

--Speaking of, I'm heading up tomorrow to catch the Tahoe stages! Joao is working on a team car for me so should have some good posts!

--This Vacansoleil rider clearly needs to straighten up his priorities. He's leaving the Giro for...his wedding! Really!

First off, what better place to get married? It's Italy! So, you keep the date, only you fly in the bride. Then, on the stage you have her wait 100k into it. Go with the morning's break, then when you get to the bride, pull over, say your vows, and get back to racing! You'd never forget it! And you say, "Honey, I know how bad you want to have a big wedding, so how about on international television?!" Bam.

--Okay so I've hated on Zomegnan a lot in the past but I've recently turned my cheek. It came as a result of this interview. Basically, he says how when he took over the Giro he could either make it a lot like the Tour but still never be better than the number 2 Tour. Instead, he decided to do something completely unique. And I would say he's done a pretty amazing job so far.

I know, I know, I've bemoaned his journalist-turned race director lack of cred and hyper dictatorship, but this year, and the past few years, has been really exciting. There's been some amazing stages this year and I can't wait to see more.

--Bart Wellens will be in the US next year! He's going to come for two weeks and even do CrossVegas! Unreal!

--Okay, that's all for me. I need to start my Friday and get prepped for a weekend of bike geeking. If you have any questions for PROs at the @Amgentourofcali, tweet me (@jstreebin), or email me. The stages will be on Versus and I'm sure you can find them on or the other cycling feed sites. Enjoy!


  1. Ferrar wins more often than one might think. He can't beat the man from Mann yet but it's coming. Cav wins because he has the best lead out train in the business. Don't sell Tyler so short!

    Otherwise, great blog! Gotta root for my fellow Americans!

  2. Haha! I know, i know. I like him a lot but no clue what he was looking at if he saw petacchi sprinting "dead straight." Had to throw in a jab!