Monday, May 2, 2011

Schumacher's Back!!

--I just found this cool way to view my blog (or other Blogger blogs). I had never heard of it but it's kind of fun.

--Schumacher is back! Looks like he's notched his first win since coming back. Just a reminder, he won BOTH ITTs in the 2008 Tour. Well, before he was DQ'd for EPO.

--Vino wins an exciting stage at the Tour of Romandie!

Cherel cries out at the end as Vino moves right. It doesn't look like it would have made any difference if Vino hadn't moved over, though.

--Looks like Goss is coming to Cali! Assuming Sagan comes, it'll be exciting to see him and Goss going at it. He also seems to have a good head on his shoulders so far:

"Everyone's talking about the money but it's not really about that for me at this point because it's still so early in my career and I've still got to grow as a rider quite a lot."

Forget the Tour of Cali, though, I can't wait to see him and Cavendish in the Tour! Goss winning Milan-San Remo put him in a very similar position as Cav, well, minus a handful of grand tour stage wins. It will definitely be exciting to see these two square off.

--Trek-Livestrong killed it at the Gila! The Aussie Joe Lewis proved the fastest and smartest in the final crit stage. Apparently the announcers skipped 2 laps to go and everyone sprinted a lap early!

Speaking of the Gila, I have about five pairs of the limited run Team RadioShack socks worn at last year's Tour of the Gila.


Let me know if you're interested!!

--Lastly, Greipel complains about Van Hummel's swerve at the Tour of Turkey. Decide for yourself. I like Van Hummel, mostly because I've heard he's one of the worst climbers the Tour has ever seen. I'm stoked to see him win one. Oh and because Greipel complains a lot, but I guess so do I...

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