Thursday, June 9, 2011

Aspen Fund Manager Fired!

--Remember the fund manager who hit the cyclist in Aspen and then was let off? It looks like he's lost his job after all.

Last July Erzinger hit a cyclist while out. That wasn't the worst of it, he hit him and then kept driving. He then pulled over and called Mercedes to report the incident while the cyclist was left for dead. The cyclist he hit was a New York surgeon out for a vacation.

The story made waves because of the light sentence given to Erzinger. The DA claimed that a felony would affect his ability to keep his job, and thus his ability to pay the fines.

The cycling community was up in arms after the decision but it looks like justice has been served. Felony or not, this guy isn't someone Morgan Stanley Smith Barney want associated with them and for good reason.

--Another great day at the Dauphine. I won't spoil it for you if you didn't tune in this morning. Versus is still interrupting bass fishing to play stage recaps so it's worth tuning in.

--The other day I mentioned I had given up flour and sugar. Since there's only 1-2 days a week where I ride long enough to need food, I didn't think to mention non-flour/non-sugar cycling foods. I've found a few that a pretty good.

The first are Larabars. These are dates and depending on flavor a mix of nuts, cherries, coconut, apples, or a number of other ingredients. I like these better than Clif Bars.

The others are Raw Revolution Bars. These are raw, just like the Larabars and they don't have any sugar. I like these better than the Larabars but they're a bit pricier and they put Agave nectar in there for sweetener so a bit sweeter as well. Both are plenty sweet and will keep the legs spinning.

--Velonews has some pics of BMC's new TT bike. It's pretty sick and definitely in line with BMC's jagged edged design. I like it but not as much as a Shiv.

--Cyclingnews is a little late on this but they just posted about Beyond the Peloton's latest film on Roubaix. It's worth checking out if you haven't seen it yet. Last weekend I sat and watched this whole year's worth and they were all top notch.

--Bay area cyclo-photog Ken Conley has some sick pics up from this year's Tour of Cali. They're definitely worth a look.

--Matthew Busche has a new post up about the Dauphine that's worth a look.

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