Friday, June 17, 2011

Contador in the Dark

--Before I get to Contador, it's been a rough couple of weeks for Team Movistar. Soler, who was in 2nd place in the Tour de Suisse, crashed out yesterday with a skull fracture. Apparently he ran into a fan and crashed. The latest is they had to induce a coma to perform surgery on a cranial edema. Or so I've been told. Medical analysis coming shortly from Dylan who's schooling NYC riders by day and studying for med school by night.

--Contador got pulled over for not having lights on his bike the other day. He was doing recon on a Tour climb and riding in a tunnel with no lights. The gendarmes are pretty notorious for dipping into cycling.

This reminds me of when Horner was pulled over in Spain for not wearing a helmet. Luckily, he knew the law, and played his PRO card. That's right, in Spain PROs can ride with no helmets. Period. What a country!

--Speaking of, some guy who's running the upcoming the (insert favorite title) Colorado Tour came out with some "news" about Contador coming to race. Did I say "news?" What I meant was he came out and said (my paraphrasing) "Saxo Bank has agreed to come, and since Contador is on Saxo Bank, I think there's a 'strong chance' (his words) he will come to Colorado!" (Note: The guy organizing the race, Shawn Hunter, doesn't know Contador or his schedule, but is crossing his fingers and rolling in the free press while he can. Also, he apparently hasn't heard Riis's prediction that Contador could win all three grand tours and if he doesn't it'll be because he's too tired to do another stage race right after the Tour. Minor details.)

Okay, I'm being really hard on this dude but that's the extent of that news blip. The organizer has no clue but is hoping that Contador will come since he is on a team that's said it will come. So you're saying there's a chance... (Okay, that's enough Dumb and Dumber quotes for this week.)

--And while we're on the subject, the Vuelta organizer thinks it's unlikely Contador will race the Vuelta.

Me thinks? I think if a guy wins two grand tours in a row there's no way he won't try for the third. The chances of that happening, just the fact he will have not crashed out of 40+ days of racing and ended up on top after all that, are low to say the least. So when you're on a streak, you don't just stop.

--In the interim, the always respectful UCI reminds fans that we, too, should be respectful [of Contador] as the treatment of his case continues to defy the logic of all levels of fans.

Translation: be respectful of us, because we're letting him race and we have no clue what we're doing.

I love the Contador but special treatment in a sport where the rest of the athletes are treated like dirt doesn't sit well with me.

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