Friday, June 10, 2011

Contador to Ride the Tour?

-Bruyneel has come out in support of Contador riding the Tour this year. And why not? I mean if you're getting special privileges why not take advantage?

In hindsight, it looks like getting caught was a good thing. Now he's won the Giro, will probably race the Tour, and then can race the Vuelta, too. He can pull off the "Grand Slam" that was talked about but which he probably wouldn't have attempted if he hadn't feared a doping ban coming (and entered the Giro instead of focusing on the Tour).

The sad part about this is no one is calling to change the rules themselves. I'm no expert but it seems to me the doping rules are overly punitive in some areas they have no reason to be. If he tested for the chemical but below the banned amount, this should have never come up. Similar to the cases of Zirbel and Hamilton. They tested for a small one of the most easily identifiable PEDs, which also happens to be in a number of supplements. Why is there no pardoning for cases like these?

The other issue that's making McQuaid and the UCI look so bad is the special treatment of Contador. In the Lance case they're claiming they never covered up his Tour de Suisse test, yet with Contador he tested positive and they're letting him ride. It seems their stance is pretty clear, if you're a good enough rider we'll make sure you ride.

--As if the doping sentence wasn't enough to leave a mark on Italian bike racing, Rebellin has recently been accused of tax evasion! He's following in the footsteps of both Bettini and Cipo!

--Remember those GoPro cameras from the Tour of Cali? I finally found one of the vids:

They're pretty sick. I'd like to see one of the front, though.

--Wellens and Peeters have decided to extend their trip to the US this year. This is so cool to have Euro cross talent coming over. I can't wait to see these guys at CrossVegas. Then, maybe next year we'll get some of the other big racers to come over.

--For those of you thinking of heading across the bridge on Sunday, be forewarned of these Fred happenings that may severely impede your forward progress...

--Speaking of cycling issues, remember the cops on NY giving out tickets to cyclists for not riding in the bike lane? These guys made a funny video about it:

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