Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fast Freddie's Back!

--Looks like Fast Freddie is getting back into the action this Sunday in Philly. After Rock Racing fell apart I thought he had just called it quits. This weekend he'll be racing for Team Exergy. He says he's been on the podium seven times at that race!

Once during my year off after college I got a call from a buddy who's a painter and also rides. He told me he was over near the Claremont painting Fred Rodriguez's house and asked if I wanted to help out. I headed over and painted at his house for a few hours.

At the end of the day he showed up to check the place out with his dad. One of my buddies I had stayed with in Gent had said Freddie stayed in the same house (it was known as the "farm" and had hosted tons of bike racers over the years). I asked Fred about it and we had a good laugh about the place.

--Here's a fun video of a guy descending the Stelvio with no hands! He uses his foot as a break. Pretty cool.

--I Tweeted this a while back but forgot to blog about it. The guys from BTP Films released the film from Paris-Roubaix.

Pay close attention at about 5:50 when Vaughters is talking in the bus.

"Johan, we don't really know, do we??" Classic.

I haven't been watching Roubaix for that many years but this was definitely my favorite year. It was so amazing watching Fabian pleading with Vaughters in the team car to get Hushovd to work. Fabian frustrated that the current and previous world champions [Ballan] wouldn't help. And to see Hushovd give up his chances, which would have been really great if he'd helped Cancellara and caught the lead group, for Johan who was up the road.

I had a chance to chat with these guys up in Tahoe before stage 1 of the Tour of Cali. They were filming the riders as they snow was falling and even ended up filming us. Joseph is the director and the one who narrates all the films.

I asked him about Johan. Some of you may remember that he proposed to his girlfriend after winning Roubaix. I was curious what his plans were if he hadn't won? What if he came back in the broom wagon? He certainly couldn't have been a favorite going into it. Joseph said he thought it was spontaneous.

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