Monday, June 20, 2011

Guest Posts Needed!

--Lately I've been trying to write a post every single day. I think it's nice to have a summary of the important news and it's also about reliability. I've found that the more I post the more people come. In order to keep the blog fresh I want to start doing more guest posts. Here are a few suggestions:

--Pictures! These are always welcome. Whether it's your new bike or a killer ride you went on, send them over.
--Race reports (pics included!)
--Satire! If you've got something witty to say about a recent piece let's hear it.
--Lastly, expertise. I've posted some of Martin's (my attorney friend) remarks on Lance's recent antics. These make for great reading and I'd love to see more of them. Whether it's expertise on bike gear, manufacturing, carbon, medicine, physio...whatever it is.

To submit you can:

a) Tweet me! (@jstreebin)
b) Email me! (email)
c) All of the above

--Apparently Levi had an amazing TT yesterday to win the Tour de Suisse. I turned it on in the morning but saw it was the TT so didn't really pay attention. Huge mistake! I've got it recorded so I'll definitely have to go back and watch it. I'd argue his Vuelta 2nd place was bigger but he's stoked about this one.

It will be great to see him at the Tour with Horner. I think these guys will be a bit under the radar since they're older but I think they'll do really well.

--The Fitchburg race near Boston has had its share of troubles in recent years. I raced it in 2009 and that was the last year it was a stage race. For 2010 they had to go to a single day and this year they've had to cancel due to fires.

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