Thursday, June 30, 2011

Joel Felicio Interview

Tuesday I had the opportunity to interview Joel Felicio (@joelfelicio), producer of cycling on Versus. I met Joel on the Twitter after making some complaint about coverage to @vscycling. He responded personally and explained the issue which I thought was really cool. If you check his Twitter stream at any given time he's interacting with fans, both disgruntled and satisfied.

He was driving to the airport to head to France for the Tour so the call cut out a few times. The woman on the line does PR for Versus. Also, last time there were complaints about wanting the interview transcribed. I don't have the time at the moment--if you happen to I'll send you some swag--but I will post some bullet points in the next post.

@scoutprime asked about online coverage of the Tour. I've seen a Tour Pass advertised lately so I didn't ask. Looks like the price has gone up a bit, though. Last year it was $19.99 I believe, and this year it's $29.99.

@sfjason asked about the delay in coverage for non-Tour events. Joel answers this in the latter half of the interview.

Listen here or Podcast

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