Sunday, June 5, 2011

Liz Hatch for Online Dating

--Check this out. I logged onto Facebook to and found an online dating ad for active singles.


The funny thing is they totally stole a pic of Liz Hatch for the ad! (See the pic under "Meet Other Cyclists in SF.")

--For those of you who missed the USPRO road race, here's a video of Matthew beating big George.

--The other day I was trying to find a video of the last 50k of Roubaix when I stumbled upon this video from the Tour. It's a French reporter who got full access and goes with the team. It's all in French--except the cameo by Ben Stiller--but still fun to watch or put on in the background.

--Lars Boom won the prologue at the Dauphiné! Which, by the way, Versus is starting its daily recaps of the Dauphiné and the Tour de Suisse today.

For those of you looking to catch some of the races this week be sure to try

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