Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Millar Weighs In...

--The past three days at the Dauphine have been pretty exciting. I was up this morning early watching but missed the finish because had to run over to Henry's to get wheels for Jim (@jwbender). He's got a masters race this weekend so gotta get all his gear in line...

For those of you who were suffering through a commute at that hour here's the last 5k au Francais. (If you're not into it you can get the last k in English on cyclingfans.com.)

--Millar throws his opinion in with the Armstrong and Contador issues. Martin has some great commentary on this:

"You don't win the biggest races in the world with such clockwork regularity and comparative ease, and in such style, by not being the supreme talent and clean. In my experience the profile of a doper is always much more erratic and unpredictable.”

Can't the exact same thing be said of Lance? Lance was anything but erratic and unpredictable. Of course that doesn't mean Lance was racing clean, but that criteria should be applied consistently to both Lance and Berto.


There is more to this story. Something along the lines of, back in the day, Millar and Lance spoke openly of Millar's doping strategies. When Millar got popped, Lance became aware of what NOT to do - refinement by exclusion. Intel like that probably helped Lance evade the UCI vampires when he was traveling abroad in the EU, and made him all but untouchable domestically.

Remember Millar and Lance were supposed to be as tight as a bullfrog's ass, very close friends. The only person to wear the same Giro helmet as Lance at the Tour 2000 was Millar. and that was because Lance gave the Giro reps the OK to let Millar do so. Not even other Posties wore that special lid. Millar probably has a bug up his ass because Millar knows that Lance was aware of Millar's cheating, and it sickens Millar (who had his come to Jesus epiphany) see Lance doing the ostrich routine. Millar knows that Lance knows how/when/that Millar doped, down to the very particulars.

--Gilbert says he wants three year contract stability. Translation: "I don't care how many years as long as they pay up!" Yeah, the guy's the best late season classics rider in the game (not to mention he'll probably notch a few fall classics on his belt) and he deserves a salary that Omega just can't afford. Why? Because they brought on that flop Andre Greipel. Okay, I know I'm going to get crap for that. Greipel has won a TON as well but he's just not as marketable as Gilbert. Plus, he's German and Omega-Lotto, as in the Belgian lottery, needs Belgians. I say drop Greipel, get someone else to build a team around him, and pay Gilbert what he wants.

In the meantime, BMC is eager to pick him up.

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