Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No More Lance Facts?

--Looks like the Facts4Lance site has been taken down. Guess it wasn't as good a PR move as they thought. File this under: if you have to set up a site proclaiming your innocence, you're probably not innocent.

--Speaking of, the bad press has hit home for Lance. Bloomberg reports it could be hurting his charity to the tune of $10m in donations.

--Correction: Jim (@jwbender) is doing a P12 race, not a masters race. Go Jim!

--So much for Ricco's comeback! Looks like he's been given a temporary suspension because he's not in racing shape. I mean, I don't know why he would be, considering he hasn't raced much this year and had the kidney problem.

--Ag2r is using cryotherapy for the Tour de France! What's cryotherapy? That's what I said. It's basically submerging the body in really cold water. In their case they're using a suit. I've used the cold baths before/after races and they definitely make the muscles feel better. It's super painful, though.

--Fizik has launched a new saddle. I'm content with my Aliante but this one looks pretty cool. I also wouldn't mind a pair of their shoes.


  1. Those shoes look like Charley Brown Shoes.

    JW Bender is an awesome dude

  2. Captain Bender is a great dude, agreed


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