Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No Tour for Germany??

--This year there will be 190 countries viewing the Tour and Germany won't be among them. For the second year in a row Germany has refused to air the Tour due to doping. (Okay, really they were just pissed that Schumacher lost the yellow jersey and got caught...)

In response, the UCI has refused to grant interviews to German television. McQuaid, childish?? Nooooo!!

--A big doping ring has been busted in Andorra! Here are some of the riders named:

"Ángel Gómez Gómez (ex-Saunier Duval/Fuji Servetto), Footon Servetto rider Enrique Mata Cabello, Adolfo Garcia Quesada, a former professional with Kelme who was banned for two years for testing positive for human chorionic gonadotropin in 2006 and Vicente Ballester Martínez, also retired. Also named are under-23 riders Javier Sánchez Cidoncha, Narcís Sallent Sanglas and Kevin Kohlvelter, and ex-pro Isidro Cerrato López,

Current riders include Spanish track cyclists Carlos Herrero Nadal and Alfredo Moreno Cano, Víctor de la Parte González and Guillermo Lana Baquedano of Caja Rural and Frenchman Guillaume Pont (SP Tableware)."

Looks like it was mostly continental PROs. My favorite part of the article was this:

"Another 30 riders took the drugs to help boost their performances in amateur events such as gran fondos."

Classic. I guess that's no different the recent spate of Masters doping in the U.S.

--Good news, Jason (@sfjason) is writing up a piece about RadioShack's Tour selection! Anyone else have ideas? Tim said he was going to do a fashion post but I've yet to see it. Send them over!

As for interviews, I'm working on questions for the Joel Felicio (@joelfelicio) interview. If you have any others please leave them in the comments section. He's the producer of cycling on Versus. In addition, I got in contact with the people at GoPro and am working on an interview with them.

--Speaking of RadioShack at the Tour, Levi has said "the legs will decide" who leads at the Tour. This is going to be unreal. This is shaping up to be a better battle than Levi and Contador at the 2008 Vuelta. Yes, I know they both say they'll work together but they'll both be fighting for that top spot. Horner made it clear on Sierra Road here in California who was stronger, we'll see what happens in France...

--While we're on the Tour, Cav says he's on the best form he's had in the last two years right now. I'd love to see him do well at the Tour this year. Since he's not one to run his mouth--unless it's about his salary--I'm going to bet on him doing well.

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