Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Return of the Cobra: Part II

--Riccò's coming back?! Looks like he was talking with Amore & Vita, which has a history with riders addicted to drugs.

Check out the conditions under which they'd sign him:

"1. At the next meeting with Fanini, Riccardo must have removed the two earrings, piercings and also the diamond embedded in a tooth. This is evidence of a totally new image.
2. He must stop working with his agent and also with his trainer. These professionals, and even a his lawyer, will not follow or advise him any longer.
3. He must update immediately the biological passport and never have a drug or a syringe with him, unless expressly authorized by the team.
4. He must come to live with his wife and son in a villa on my property a few minutes from team headquarters so we can check him at any time.
5. He must be available to speak with the competent authorities about his knowledge on the doping system."

Ha! That's totally going to stop him... I love number 4. First, the guy's got a villa he can come live in. Second, I'm sure proximity to the old guy is really going to keep a tight leash on him.

The guy has proven he can't not dope, which I don't judge, but this guy has no place back in cycling.

Turns out the conditions were too much or the offer wasn't that great because he Meridian-Kamen. Yes, I just said "Who?" as well. His first race will be Tour of Serbia.

--Horner is attributing a lot of his win in the Tour of Cali to diet. He went from 150 down to 140 for the race. The article is worth reading because it has some good quotes from Horner. He talks about what a bummer it is to train all day and then have to diet. I agree.

--Speaking of dieting, I recently went no flour, no sugar and dropped like five pounds. For the next five I'd have to actually eat less so it doesn't look like that'll happen. It does, however, feel a lot better. There aren't as many spikes in my energy levels. I don't ever feel tired after a meal. Definitely worth trying if you're trying to get down to racing weight.

--CAS has set a date for the Contador hearing. They're setting it just in time for the Tour, August! Yeah, for some reason they pushed it past the Tour. My take: I think this will get pushed around for a while and eventually Contador will get off. Then, McQuaid will again pretend to be upset and secretly happy that Contador's still riding.

The UCI has said they're pushing to have his results annulled should he be found guilty. Wow, way to play it tough. I'm sure Valverde or any of the other guys would have loved that option. Anyone else has had to quit the day the positive came out and then wait for the case. Pellizotti, for one, couldn't race and then it turned out they couldn't charge him with anything. He ended up just not getting to race while the UCI tried to bring charges against him and ultimately failed to ban him.

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  1. Hey man... Horner's article about his diet is awesome. Diet is the one thing most lacking in my training plan. I'm interested to hear more about your diet. If going for low flour, low sugar (cutting them altogether might be to hard), what are the major foods to avoid. What foods are left that you can eat? Any other pound-shedding advice would be helpful. I'm fat and eat way to may too many candy bars and cookies (no joke).