Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Upcoming Interview!

--Hey guys, I talked to Joel Felicio (@joelfelicio) who does all cycling at Versus and he's agreed to do an interview! And that's despite all the shit I've given him on Twitter. You guys have good questions for him? Like why they made Frankie do all the awkward interviews with Lance last year? Leave them in the comments below!

--Ricco snuck into a sportif the other day! He says he was there to help his friends. Here's an interview with him from Sky Italian. (Notice the posters of himself up in his house.)


--Looks like Andy Schleck dropped his chain again the other day during the at the Tour de Suisse Prologue. Let's hope it doesn't happen in July!! Apparently he was running the wrong 54 chainring. There you have it.

--No surprise on this one but Johan Van Summeren has re-upped for three years with Garmin. I'm glad to see him staying with them. It'd be a shame to see him win Roubaix and then leave the team. Hopefully he got a better contract, too.

--Speaking of renewals, Saxo Bank has renewed its sponsorship for 2012! This is big news for Riis and the gang.

--Prudhomme says he was "more worried" when Armstrong came back than he is about Contador coming to this year's Tour. I don't blame him.

--Bruyneel is again taking suggestions on who should make the RadioShack Tour team. I say "again" because he did this back in 2009 on the Astana website. That was the year Horner got snubbed for the Tour team, even though he had the most votes. I vote for him, a few times...

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