Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WADA Changing Doping Rules?

--In response to recent cases, but more importantly the Contador case, Wada is considering changing the rules around clenbuterol. This is good news for Contador, along with the handful of guys banned before him. Looks like he'll be the only one getting justice, though, considering all the others were banned outright and couldn't race.

--Yesterday's sprint finish was pretty awesome. If you haven't seen it it's worth watching.

‎​Congratulations to the team for a great win today on stage 3 of Tour de Suisse. Thor maxed out at 67kph in the sprint to win.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

(67kmph = 41.6mph)

--During today's Tour de Suisse stage they mentioned that Cavendish might be shopping around for a new team. Cav has complained about his contract so this doesn't come as a surprise.

--After all that's happened recently with Tyler I really want one of these shirts!

--Speaking of, looks like the owner of the restaurant was invited to dinner with Lance's party following the altercation. No wonder he gave such a glowing account of the incident.

Also, according to the New York Times the FBI is investigating the recent encounter!

--Dylan made it into yellow in the Rockleigh Crit Series!


--Michael Barry has written a solid piece on some of the recent safety concerns (ie Giro, race radios, etc) and how they should be addressed.

--If you're interested in David Millar's new book, Competitive Cyclist has written a review of it.

--I'll leave you with this awkward pic of Levi:


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