Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Goodbye, Vino


--Yesterday was a sad day for cycling. Vino, after suffering a brutal crash earlier in the Tour, retired from cycling. After animating last year's Tour I had hoped for the same this time around. He did try once before crashing out but was unable to hold off until the end.

For those of you who would like to know more, here's a great bio about his earlier years.

Long live Vino.


--This weekend I was in LA for a wedding. I left my charger at home so all I had was my phone to catch the Tour. I had been trying to avoid buying the Tour package, mainly because I'd rather watch the Eurosport feed.

Anyways, given the circumstances I broke down and bought the app, only $4.99 now. It was worth every penny. I got to watch two stages live. It's the straight feed, no commercials, and none of the interviews or straight commentary pieces.

--Looks like some of the sprinters have been complaining about Cav hanging onto cars in the mountains. Farrar even went so far as to assume he hung on to a car yesterday before his stage win Sunday (which he later apologized for).

I think Cav probably talks to the team car and takes more bottles than normal on climbs. I also think most if not all sprinters do this. I think the real issue is that he's started taking stages the other sprinters expected to win. There were no grumbles about Cav early on in the Tour when he was winning, but since there have been much more. Weird, didn't hear anyone grumbling when Pescheux made his unprecedented ejection of Renshaw last year...

--Cycling Tips Blog has had excellent--I'm tempted to say the best--daily recaps from this year's Tour. They've got incredible pics and some solid interviews.

Here's one from stage 10 that has a diagram about cars in the Tour.

--Amstrong's latest stunt is claiming "character assassination" by the recent investigation. His attorney's claim his reputation will never be the same due to the leaks from the Grand Jury investigation.

While I think the leaks themselves are unnecessary and are certainly harmful to Armstrong's character, I don't think this is why his reputation will never be the same. The bulk of the confessions about Armstrong have come outside of the Grand Jury investigation. The Hamilton interview had nothing to do with the investigation and that certainly didn't help his reputation. That was just the latest in several years worth of confessions that had nothing to do with the investigation. Furthermore, if the things leaked about him were false, then he could file a libel case, right?

This is just another publicity stunt. Armstrong assassinated his own character long ago.


  1. Wow I need to get a shirt like that with my own scary-face on it.

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