Sunday, July 24, 2011

One More Year for Jens

--Well, according to Jens's latest post he's going to race another year! (Note: he starts the post by saying he's a bit drunk so take that with a grain of salt.) This was his 14th Tour and he's still riding solid. I think next year will be his last though because he mentions Hincapie's 16 Tours and says he'll never reach that.

--There's more talk about a foreign Tour start. Qatar is looking to host the start of the 2014 Tour. And why not? You've seen how crazy they are about cycling. Check out the fans at one of this year's Tour of Qatar stage finishes:


--Amazing finish to the Tour today. I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't watched. Cav was riding one of the Specialized McLaren bikes and although they look sick, unless you know what they are you can't tell what he's riding. The matte black finish is great but the glossy logo doesn't show up unless you're doing a Velonews spread. I think if they had a white outlined logo, so black with white borders on the letters, that might pop a bit more.

--Now that the Tour is over we can do a predictions wrap up. First off, I didn't see Cadel in the top 10 and he ended up winning. The Giro had more of an effect on Contador than I anticipated leaving the GC battle wide open. Cadel rode a smart race and never choked.

The Schlecks ended up 2nd and 3rd so I nailed the Andy prediction. I had predicted Frank to be top 5 so that worked as well. If there was any year for them to win it it was this year--excepting if Contador is banned and can't ride next year. Alberto was absent from the higher GC race thanks to a number of reason, giving Andy room to take the top step on the podium. Alas his perpetual achilles heel got him again in the final TT.

Hushovd won two more than I thought I would as he proved to be in incredible form. Farrar, my wild card, finally got one when Cav got gapped. Boasson Hagen was in much better form than I anticipated after getting over shingles. He proved to be incredibly strong. Goss wasn't as present as I anticipated and the battle between him and Cav never materialized, which was nice.

That's enough of the predictions, though. As amazing as this year's Tour was, I can use a break. Grand tours are hard on riders, as well as fans. I've made it to Paris again, now it's time to go for a ride of my own.

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