Friday, July 29, 2011

Rock is Back!!

--Just when you thought there was nothing else to look forward to this season...Rock Racing is back! That's right folks, although Michael Ball was forced to sell his clothing line after it went bankrupt, he retained ownership of the Rock Racing brand. He plans to join forces with Italian businessman Roberto Tronconi for the new venture. Even better, according to Tronconi "Michael Ball is not dead and has not run away to Mexico." Who knew?!

Tronconi goes on to say "I also think he was a visionary who was perhaps ahead of his time."

Touché, my friend, touché. But that's the way cycling goes. One day you're running the next up and coming team and the next Michael Creed is selling your jerseys on eBay.

The good new is they "hope to be at La Vegas for the Interbike show" says Tronconi. I know I'll be the first in line at Interbike to take some Rock Racing downtube shots.


In reality, I seriously doubt this ever manifests, but it makes for a good news blurb and I'll be scoping Interbike for Rock Racing bikes.

--Looks like Cuddles will be coming over to race the Tour of Colorado! He doesn't usually make the Tour of California so this is a good chance to catch the Tour winner in America. In fact, I think the last current Tour winner to come to the U.S. was Sastre in 2009.

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