Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tour Hangover

--The Monday after the Tour is always a tough one. The relief of Sunday afternoon, always followed by a bit of dispair. It seems only yesterday I was watching Goss do the unthinkable and win Milan-San Remo. Now we're more than halfway through the cycling season. Sure, there's still the Vuelta, or as it's better known "not the Tour," Worlds, Giro di Lombardia, and Paris-Tours. Oh and don't forget all the transfer news that will come. But the season definitely heads south right after the Tour.

And what a season its been so far. As I mentioned, there was Goss winning in Italy and looking to be the next Cavendish. Shortly thereafter you had Johan winning the biggest classic of the year, which also happened to be one of his first wins. In the first half of the year alone there were more wins by Sagan than I can even count, as well the US Road Championship won by an up-and-coming star, again. And that's just to name a few.

Yes, it's been an amazing season so far, and there's more to come. Outside of the big races, this also leaves time for other great cycling pastimes, like actually riding my bike. In cycling, as in life, there are many seasons, each with their own highs and lows. And thanks to the fall classics and early start with the Tour Down Under, we never have to be long without a great race.

--While most Aussies are celebrating the fantastic win by Evans, there are a few who aren't so excited. Check out this video from the Australian Today Show.

I love the part where she's trying to defend herself and asks if the co-host rides a bike, to which he replies "Yes, I was a BMX champion!" Here's her post about her comments.

--Zomegnan is out! Looks like the rumors about him being ousted were true. Let's just hope the Giro stays as exciting as it has been since he took over.

--One of the other joys of the second half of the season, at least for us here in North America, is Interbike! This year they had initially planned to do it in Anaheim. That lasted all of a week or so until they got word of the backlash. This year it will be in Vegas again and my tickets are booked. Virgin had round trip for $100 the other day so I bought them while I could. Let me know if any of you are coming, I'd love to meet up.

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