Wednesday, July 27, 2011

UCI's Makeup Call

--After the numerous failures at this year's Tour, the UCI has issued a makeup call. According to a BikeRumor article the UCI is considering lowering weight minimums on bikes.

Most manufacturers have been wanting this for some time now. Many already make lighter bikes but the team mechanics just add weight to them to meet the minimum.

In the video, McQuaid mentions Fabian won the 2009 Tour prologue in Monaco on a bike (Specialized Shiv) that was illegal in three ways. I didn't realize the bike was illegal until 2010 when the UCI told Contador he couldn't use the bike the day before the TT at Algarve. (This is another example of the UCI's poor record on enforcement. Specialized went so far as to fully design and manufacture the bike--we can assume they thought it was legal since they wouldn't have built it just for tri--and the UCI tells them only after its been raced for a year.)

That being said, this is definitely a step in the right direction. It's still unclear where the pop TT bike quiz came from in this year's Tour but that's another story.

--Okay so after the two day Tour Hangover I'm back. All it took was the new Pinarello Dogma to be released to get my bike juices flowing again. It wasn't so much the bike as the thought of all the sparkly new bike gear that will be coming out in the following months. And of course, Interbike.

If you've never been to Interbike, I highly suggest it. A lot of the big PROs show up and all the new bike gear is on display. Last year was a ton of fun and I ended up staying an extra day.

--For those of you who missed it, Landis wants to race NASCAR!


--I'll leave you with this pic of Cuddles from back in the day:


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