Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cav Signs for Next Year

--Cavendish has made up his mind about next season, but he's not saying where he's going. He does hint a bit though:

"There are a lot of teams that have a nationalist sponsor. Sky is a British team and so they want a lot of British riders. Cofidis is a French team and so wants French riders. I’m in a lucky position because I don’t get a contract because of my nationality but because I perform well on the bike. It’s irrelevant the nationality of the team I go to."

Is he saying it's going to be a team besides Sky? Is he sticking with HTC? He could be holding out because maybe HTC has found a new sponsor but for him to say anything would blow the news about a new sponsor--they wouldn't be signing him if they hadn't found a sponsor.

--In more transfer news, Evans and Hincapie are staying on BMC, which if he stays healthy will mean 17 Tours for George! And Chavanel will be staying with Quick Step despite the merger.

--The Omega Pharma drama continues. Although Gilbert has been in talks with BMC and it's likely he'll sign with them, Omega Pharma is now claiming he's still under contract until 2012. Any idea how legitimate that is? If the team is changing, do the contracts still hold?

Gilbert also wasn't too happy with being the last to know about the Omega Pharma merger, and I don't blame him. He says he had to find out when they announced it online!

--Horner's woes didn't stop after crashing out at the Tour. The other day he got a blood clot in his lung! He's set to undergo blood thinning treatment. I wonder if you need a doc's exemption for that.

--Beyond the Peloton (@Btpfilms) has released the rest of the Tour of Cali vids.

Here's the second Tour of Cali one. The third and fourth are on the link above.

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