Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More BMC Drama

--Cadel has redacted some of his earlier comments about not riding with a sprinter.

"I think what was interpreted in the Australian press was a little bit, or maybe I communicated incorrectly, I was talking about sprinters. I’ve done my time with a sprinter, i.e. Robbie McEwen, where a sprinter needs a team to ride for them on all the sprint stages, who needs a leadoff train to ride for them, etc., etc.," said Evans.

"Thor isn’t a sprinter like that. I think his results in the Tour de France … show that this year. He can sprint, yes. He won the world championship in a group sprint, but I don’t classify him as a pure sprinter like that, so that was taken very well out of context, those comments there."

Translation: Earlier, when I said "Jim, if you want to bring in a sprinter I won’t be riding the Tour with a sprinter because I’ve done that, I’ve done my share" in response to Thor's signing, I wasn't actually referring to Thor, more just a general "sprinter". But mostly because that came off as way too harsh and it gave us a lot of bad publicity. In reality, I'm totally cool having another alpha male vying for support with me on BMC, at least until next July.

Hushovd's transfer has bad news written all over it and I think it was probably the worst we saw this year. I don't think there will be massive drama a la HTC wth Cav and Greipel. But I don't see him winning Roubaix while he's there, which was his goal. The sad part is he had a better chance of winning Roubaix at Garmin but he didn't like not being the center of the team.

--Gilbert, who made an awesome choice in his transfer, has spoken out about his his move to BMC. Looks like he was pretty upset about Omega Pharma threatening to make him stay. (To his credit, he also wasn't told about the team merging and had to find out online...)

--The Tour of Colorado is off to a solid start. Marek emailed me this weekend and he actually got a press pass. I'll be posting some of the pics he takes while he's there.

--Cycling Tips has a solid gallery up with pics from the Tour of Utah which are worth checking out.

--I'll leave you with this video of Michael Berry motorpacing.

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