Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jens to Do One More!!

--Jens has signed a one year extension with LeopardTrekShack to finish up his career. His contract was set to expire at the end of this year but fortunately they found room for him.

--Jim (@jwbender) sent over an article recently about a cyclist dying in Seattle. It looks like it may have been the bike lane's fault.

--Here's an interesting interview with the GreenEdge financier. He swears he's in it to make money, but maybe he just hasn't been keeping up with the sport? My guess is Stapleton, High Road's owner, broke even at best on cycling. Not to mention the long, torturous case of Andy Rihs.

I always say, cycling is like art. There aren't investors, only patrons.

--Jeanie Longo missed two doping tests! The real shocker is that she doesn't own a cell phone or a laptop!

Longo goes on to say she's "the most tested athlete in the world"--we've heard that before. But more interesting, the article says "Right now, she is surprised to be considered still part of the target group of high-level athletes obliged to give their whereabouts given that in principle, this designation, which was given to her in 2008, was limited to a duration of one year."

--I mentioned that AIGCP must have reached an agreement with the UCI since the major teams will all be racing the Tour of Beijing, or as I like to call it the Tour of that's Not Fog, That's Smog. Apparently, the UCI agreed to have the race radio issue looked at by an independent commission.

Well, at least Uncle Patty's not in charge of the issue. That is, depending on who gets to elect the commissioners.

--Lastly, Matthew Busche has a great post up about riding the Vuelta, his first grand tour. He mentions that on the Angliru many riders would trade water bottles for pushes up the climb! I knew they pushed riders but I never knew they incented the fans to do so. Very cool.

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