Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lance Paid Doping Doc

--More details of the Lance's relationship with the infamous Italian doctor Michele Ferrari. The two have worked together for years but last has distanced himself from the Italian after bad press. The doctor has come forth and confirmed Lance was a client.

Speaking of everyone's favorite cancer survivor, what's up with the investigation? The economy has taken center stage, but what about selling bikes for dope?

--In other news, Worlds is Sunday! The course isn't steep enough to favor uphill superhuman Gilbert, but it could still play to his favor if he gets in a break. Cav is on good enough form to win in Britain but we'll see if that carries through to Sunday. Hushovd is up there and Goss will be fighting. Freire has said he'll retire if he doesn't win a fourth world championship. I guess Farrar is around but I don't see him doing much.

I want to see Cav win. I know, I pull for him every chance I get but it'd be cool to see him as world champ. He's my prediction and my wild card is Goss. Wait, it was Goss and then I remembered Sagan. Now that would be cool.

--Meanwhile in Denmark, an errant spectator was manhandled by police during a TT:

--Cancellara surprised everyone and walked away with bronze and
says he has a contract with Leopard. Riis added that he's willing to make up with Spartacus.

--Worlds is headed to Richmond in 2015! The two other bid cities dropped out of the race earlier and it was given to the city represented by McQuaid's brother! Now, I'm not usually one to call foul when it's going my way. That is, unless McQuaid is involved. (Oh and his son just happens to be a cycling agent.)

--Tax evasion, like doping, runs deep in cycling. And it's not just bike racers who are the culprits. Recently, Leopard financier Flavio Becca's home and offices were searched because he's under investigation for tax evasion. Tax evasion? In Luxemburg? Maybe there's more to the merger than we're hearing.

--Levi will indeed be riding with QuickStep-Omega Pharma.

--I'll leave you with this pic of Pouty McPoutypants...


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