Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No Worlds for Renshaw...

--In a move that wreaks of politics even more than Renshaw's disqualification from the 2010 Tour, the best sprinter in all of Australia has been left out of Worlds. The reasoning? Matty White says it's because the course doesn't suit him. And it somehow suits Haussler? Maybe in 2009, but that guy hasn't won anything since...2009? Not to mention the guy's not really Australian. Okay, so he's half, but my guess is he just changed citizenships so he can drive again after his DUI!

Here are the guys who made it:

Simon Clarke GreenEDGE
Baden Cooke GreenEDGE
Simon Gerrans GreenEDGE
Matthew GOSS GreenEDGE
Stuart O'Grady GreenEDGE
Heinrich Haussler Garmin Cervelo
Mathew Hayman Team Sky
Michael Rogers Team Sky
Chris Sutton Team Sky

Take for example, Matthew Hayman. Nothing against this guy, until you compare him to Mark Renshaw. In fact, there are only three guys in Renshaw's league on this list: Rogers, O'Grady, and Goss.

Poo poo on Matty White and poo poo on GreenEDGE.

--Interbike is here! I'm heading out on Wednesday and will be there just in time to watch the Euro PROs ride CrossVegas! I'll be posting pics to Twitter (@jstreebin) and will work on getting a post or two out while I'm there.

Anything you guys want to see? The cannibal? Electric SRAM shifters? Leave it in the comments or tweet me.

--The case about Jeanie Longo gets even thicker. Apparently Joe Papp sold EPO to her husband. Now, one option is that given her husband was a cat 4 phenom, the EPO could have been just for him. However, I'm not sure why this didn't come out earlier when the rest of Papp's customers were outted.

--The Vuelta wrapped up on Sunday with Froome never able to make up the remaining time. Either way, it was an amazing tour with some incredible stages. I think the Vuelta gets it right in terms of difficulty. You don't have unsafe conditions, okay unless you count the olive oil last year that took out VDV, and the riders didn't consider staging any protests. At the same time, there are still stages like the Angliru to keep the excitement high. It was a great tour and I'll be tapering off my morning viewings with the Tour of Britain.

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