Sunday, September 4, 2011

Riders Fret Over Coming Merger

--Transfer season is wrapping up. Tony Martin has confirmed he'll be heading to Quick Step (but still no word on Levi). This is one I didn't see coming but could be interesting to see how he does on a classics team like Quick Step.

Martin's current teammates Teejay Van Garderen and Marco Pinotti are heading to BMC. Looks like Teejay will be the GC guy for all the other races besides the Tour.

BMC is shaping up to be the ultimate super team for next year. Thor, Gilbert, Evans, Teejay, and a host of support. These guys should do amazing, although will be interesting to see how Thor and Gilbert relations play out since they share similar abilities on mild uphill sprint finishes, not to mention the elephant in the room of Evans's refusal to go to the Tour with a sprinter.

We still don't have any word on Cavendish which I guess means he's going to Sky? It'll be nice to have someone to root for on that team.

In related news, some of the Leopard Trek riders are nervous, as they should be, about a possible merger with RadioShack. Bruyneel won't comment on the situation but the writing is on the wall considering he's only signed 13 for next year.

I'm not going to go into this but the biggest teams in cycling failing and/or consolidating is very bad news for the sport.

--Speaking of problems with the sport, looks like the planned boycott of the Tour of Beijing isn't happening after all. I guess the AIGCP and the UCI worked out some sort of compromise, although I'm not sure what it could have been since there hasn't been any news about it.

--In more important news, Boonen has been riding the Vuelta with some serious saddle issues. (If your saddle sores make the news, they're serious.) His saddle issues are so serious that Cyclingnews even wrote a second article about the "hole in his perineum." Yikes!!

--I'll leave you with these sick downhill vids taken with a GoPro.

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