Monday, October 10, 2011

Cav Was in Talks with QuickStep

--Looks like we can mark off Cavendish signing with QuickStep. There had been rumors that the world champ would be heading to the Belgian outfit because of their contract with Specialized. According to a recent article there was actually a contract with QuickStep, but neither side agreed to sign.

My take was that he will ride Specialized and he'll do it on Sky. The good thing is the October 30th deadline is rapidly approaching and we'll know soon where he's headed.

--Speaking of Specialized, it has stepped in to save the HTC women's team. What this really means is that Specialized founder Sinyard reached deeper into his bank account as one of the sports biggest patrons.

As we've seen from HTC's demise, cycling sponsorship rarely backs out (if ever??) so those who continue to support it are really to be commended. Cycling, like art, would not survive without it's patrons.

--One of the people crunched in the yet to be decided LeopardTrekRadioShackNissanMercedes merger is Leopard Trek DS Kim Andersen. Kim's one of the best DS in cycling, but Johan is clearly going to be the head DS on the team. Hopefully Kim will still get to work with the Schlecks.

I rode with Kim in the team carat Paris-Nice. He's a good guy.

--Before worlds Freire said if he didn't win he'd retire. I thought that a pretty bold statement but after worlds I was expecting him to announce his retirement. Au contraire, he still wants to race. Rabobank says they have no offer for the three time world champ. Oscar says it was a "misunderstanding"--I can see why Rabobank "misunderstood." They thought Oscar was being literal...

--Chris Horner is staying with LeopardTrekRadioShackNissanMercedes! I was a bit worried about this guy considering he had been snubbed before by Bruyneel. Glad to see he'll be riding next year.

--In other transfer news, Danny Pate is headed to Team Sky.

--Universal Sports is about to get kicked off a few cable and satellite networks. They've got a petition up if you don't want to see them go. I've purchased a few cycling packages from them and they--unlike the crooks at always done me right.

--SportsBasementOnline has gone belly up. Looks like they've taken with them thousands in fees that were supposed to go to race organizers. Ouch.

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